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September 1999


Hmmm, today whilst listening to ALL, I remembered that they have a song called 'Gnutheme', do you think RMS knows?

I tried for www.all.com, but no luck, so I tried www.noall.com, (as in "All?", "NO, ALL!") still no good, so I tried www.knowitall.com...

Hell, just go to Down By Law's site... Smalley!

I was pleasantly surprised by an email from Tim Burton, a guy I know from what back when, no, not the movie guy, the *other* Tim Burton... (Q: What do you say when he falls over? A: TIMBER...ton! - ok, that's actually Milt's joke, full credit in his general direction...)

Pat Hotlen (or is it Hotlin) is supposedly a graphic designer working in Milwaukee, if you know him, point him in my general direction...

(two uses of the phrase 'general direction' in one day, cool, eh?)


WATN: I should update this, since I have new info on some people... have you got any info?

Augh! don't buy a Ford! I wonder if MS just likes Ford for it's 'Explorer'? Oddly enough, if you've seen the new Dodge ads, they are using the phrase 'Dodge. Different.' - could an Apple agreement be in the works? (one more thing, I've been told that Fords actually use PowerPC embedded systems, I thought MS abandoned PowerPC support? Would you trust your car's systems to an Intel processor?)


I started getting 'the question' - "When are you gonna start wearing pants?" - yup, happens every year about this time, this sick society of ours just expects people to blindly put on pants as the mercury drops, as if somehow that'll make everything alright. Well it won't make everything alright, it's been tried! And it's as bad as those nutballz from Kalifornia who come here in August wearing pants! Depants 'em! Down with pants! Wasn't it SpongeBob SquarePants who took off his pants and said "Well, I won't be needing these anymore!" (or something like that) I reject you pants wearing society for pants. And it's greediness... if you give me a pair of pants to put on, I won't do it, so I won't have to...

In case you didn't know this, Hurricane Floyd (the barber) was created by Microsoft® WeatherController™ 1.0 - it was deployed to crush RedHat...

I should perhaps clarify... I wear shorts...

The new MacInTouch design kinda, well, sucks! (although the content is still top notch...)

The Springboard module I want - a device that can do voice recognition to text, kind of like that neat-0 Dragon device... talk to your Visor and it'll give you your notes as text! Now, *that* would be cool... (I probably just made someone a millionaire again...)

Another shooting yesterday... a gunman kills... is there something wrong with men? When's the last time some woman busted into a building and started shooting up the place? (after booby-trapping it with explosives... hmmm, maybe it's the term 'booby-trap' that women wish not to be associated with...)

Today's one of those days where I can actually feel my mind going at less than half capacity. Maybe it's better I don't write anything today....

You can try to find people you went to high school with... It sounds like a good idea, unless you don't want the people you went to high school with finding you!

krunk, krunk, krunk, krunk, krunk, krunk, krunk, krunk, krunk, krunk, krunk, krunk, krunk, krunk, krunk, krunk krunk, krunk, krunk, etc...


Oh please... 'an obscure Macintosh server'? I know, Wired is just 'too cool' to use one of those silly old Macs as a web server... There's probably been *at least* one security hole in a Microsoft related product or service each month it the past year or so, hmmm?

More Visor info... and more still... This is great, the Palm OS is a killer little operating system - small, fast, and easy to use. (unlike *some* os's I can think of ;) I've had a Palm III for a while now, and can see how the Springboard expansion modules would be loved by many. Developers were finding clever ways to use the HotSync port - but this could bring it to a new level... can't wait!

There is one other PDA that looks really cool, it's a BeOS PFT...


NT out, Mac OS in... Has Richard Smith of Phar Lap ever used a Mac? Has he tried to break into a Mac web server? Many have tried, with large prizes as incentives, and failed... Maybe there are bugs in Windows because Windows sucks... Do some research, eh? (Phar Lap appears to me a buddy of MS, not surprising they speak ill of the Mac...)

I still prefer a unix os (bsd, linux, etc) for hosting, with perl in the mix, of course, Mac hardware is a good option, just ask the folks at LinuxPPC ;)

I'd like of these neat-0 perl shirts, wouldn't you? (FOO!)

Have you tried a new piece of software called IDQ? Instant Dairy Queen ties into the Dairy Queen ordering system to quickly (instantly!) delived tasty frozen treats to boys and girls around the world!

KB Gear Interactive has some great stuff! Like a nice, cheap digital camera - under 100 bucks! And one of these drawing tablets (this one or that one) would be great for the kids... (and me;)


I really don't want a pager, and up to this point I've avoided one... but if they (they being 'the man') make me use one, I think I'd demand that it's this one...

I've always kind of thought Macs were for freaks and PCs were for 'normies' (meaning Windoze was for 'normal' types of people, who fit right into society, and blindly love it) Macs are for the social misfits, the system's outcast... but then again...

Macs might be for the cool kids, can you imagine Billy G. being appointed to the Board of Directors for the Gap? And don't forget - Jobs is a vegan, while Gates is a carnivore - you decide who's cooler, the canniballistic-butcher, or the animal-respecting humanitarian......

Know what I love about Jim's Obscure Store? The fact that when I see a story on the TV news, I'm sure I'll never find the story on the web on my own - but Jim's always got a link - how does he do it!? (like this one...)

Jim goes big time, big time, big time...


The Risk Digest is a neat read...

I forgot to link to this!

I think I still maintain the open-eyed (some might say blind though) idealism I had as a youth, there's issues I think about almost every day, and when I think about where I stand, I think I'm standing pretty close to where I once stood...

(does that make any sense?)

Sun may thing they put the 'dot' in 'dot com', but I put the ass in 'technical assistance'! Maybe MS is using WinCE (in pain) to put the Ass in Personal Digital Assistant?

Apple pointed to this nice little write-up on Seymour Cray... (Cray's from Wisconsin!)

Dare you fight the The Guy Who Knows Karates?

Sure Apple's latest (those G4's) are nice, but I'm still chugging along pretty well with my old PowerComputing "G2" (aka PowerBase) It's now 2 1/2 years old, and sure, the floppy drive doesn't work right (I've been too lazy to fix it, besides, floppies are dead, right? I use Zips...) and the CD-ROM drive doesn't like home-burned discs, but that's ok... I'm waiting for those G5s!

I find a lot of the G3 ROM Block complainers to be a bunch of boo-hoo cry-babies... Did Apple really screw you? Exactly how? Did they *say* G3's were upgradeable to G4's - or did you just *assume* they were... ugh...


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