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November 1999


We've been missing our TV's remote control for months now, and everytime Mr. Merath came over he'd say, did you find it yet? So we finally broke down and bought the cheapo 'universal remote' for about 7 bucks (I actually had a gift certificate from last Xmas to use, so it was really a gift...) I tell ya, the remote control is an amazing device... try living without yours for a few months... it's painful!

I've added this site to the Weblog Monitor at UserLand, and even have an ad... although again, technically, this is not a weblog... (TINAW!)

I've only been to a movie theater twice in the last two years, but I saw Toy Story 2 last week. It was great. Greater than great, it was incredible.

Toiling away in obscurity does have it's rewards... I'm sure of it, I've based much of what I've done and what I do on it... (I just need to prove that it's true in some way;) ahh, it *is* true, because when all is said and done, I don't regret... I think some people I used to know would be unable to honestly make that statement...

Geez, somebody already grabbed smashdot.org... and of course there's crashdot.org... ;)


Pokémon character -or- unix application - who can tell!

  • Muk
  • Mutt
  • Emacs
  • Pico
  • Pikachu
  • Pine
  • Jynx
  • Lynx
  • Vi
  • Ditto
  • Serialmon
  • Khoros
  • Onix
  • Zapdos
(More crazy Pokémon names here... and some goofy unix app names here or here...)


We've got some fish now... I've found the fish to be mildy entertaining. I was hoping the undersea world they inhabit would be as exciting as Bikini Bottom, but so far there have been no SpongeBob-like adventures...

ebay is funny...


Futurama this week was a Willy Wonka like episode featuring Slurm, great episode - my favorite part was when they shined the "F Ray" on Bender and you could see '6502' in his head! (6502 was the cpu used in the Apple ][ line!) Again, one of those jokes that probably less than 5 percent of the viewers would catch... that's what makes the show rule...

What kind of jerkface tries to patent something like 'windowing' of dates as a y2k fix? Some jerkface 'invented' windowing of dates? Um, yeah, guess what, I invented it too... I think almost *every* programmer who thought about y2k problems also 'invented' it... geez, it's common sense!!! More proof that the U.S. Patent Office is full of morons... oh, excuse me while I go patent some common sense ideas... I'll bill you later!

Hmmm, if some jerkface does hold a patent on windowing of dates, can the licensees sue him if it doesn't work? (yeah, more lawsuits, *that's* the answer!)


I love Be Dope, it really makes me want a Be OS machine on my network... ;>

I was lucky enough to catch the CNN story on Be last week, were you?

Cobalt Networks did pretty damn good on their IPO, wish I would have had some money, as I knew they'd do well... (I *want* a Qube!)


Nice quotes on NT or Linux for your web server. Rob from /. could have given a longer quote here, eh? This quote from Sean Nolan of Drugstore.com makes me thing he might be on some kind of drugs... not the "blah, blah, blah" that's great quote material, it's the "I'd choose NT every time" part...


I heard Burger King had to 'ramp up' their servers due to 'Pokemon' related overload, so I thought I should check, ugh, www.burgerking.com is running IIS on NT, duhhrrr... At least www.mcdonalds.com is running Netscape Enterprise on Solaris, even better is www.wendys.com on Apache and BSD! woohoo... (of course I do not condone the meat-eating that takes place at these establishments... sadly www.tacobell.com is also on some crappy NT box with IIS, as is www.kfc.com ... ugh...)

I'll have to follow up on this with my theory that you can base almost all decisions you need to make on what OS or software some entity is running...


Do you really want a million dollars? From what I've been hearing lately, if you were to win a million dollars, be it by lottery, game show, etc. the first thing that happens is the government takes about 45% - nearly half! So, if you've won a million, that leaves about $550,000, and since it's probably payable over 25 years it comes out to around $22,000 per year, not quite enough to live on, even double that - $44,000 isn't enough to quit working on, especially if you consider you might live for more that 25 years...

I'm really not into this money thing, I'm not a financial guy, it's just depressing because when you're a kid it's like "Man, I wish I had a million dollars!" and you think you'll be set for life. I wonder how much an average person spends in the life, on all purchases, bills, etc...

At least some things in life are free, free, free!!! (free speech-like, of course...;)


Looking for a job? "Would love someone to migrate our NT web presence to a UNIX server" says Redfish Technology... Or maybe you like Free Shoeshines! ahhh, memories of Mr. Clean!

Bump is back...


I really hate this daylight savings crap, not because it throws me off my game (oooh, I got 5 hours of sleep instead of 4, big deal!) I hate it because I hate the light. Yup, I crave darkness, back when I lived in a room with just one window, I covered it with heavy cardboard. I hate the sun. I like working at midnight when it's dark in the home office. I like driving into the office when it's still dark in the morning. It makes me feel like I'm really getting a jump on the day. In winter, I usually don't mind leaving home when it's dark, and return home when it's dark, because, well, I hate the light...

I think this dandot guy is from Milwaukee, but I just can't tell...


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