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July 2000


Vischeck sez that Deuteranopes, Protanopes and Tritanopes should still be able to see this page fairly well, with Protanopes seeing it the best out of the three.

Voice your opinion at the Linux Journal's Readers' Choice poll. For the question Favorite Linux Game I answered: "configuring Linux is a game"

Ok, I'm using iCab today, I guess we'll see how that goes. It's got some impressive features, and nice touches.

I'm learning about fsck. I don't particulalry want to learn about fsck today, but something bad appears to have happened...

AxKit looks very interesting to me... maybe once I fsck everything I should look into it more...

Why reinvent the wheel? Because sometimes you need to reinvent old, tired, unusable things... because sometimes I want my own wheel! There's a lot of different wheels out there. I'm not putting a wagon wheel on my car... not all wheels fit all situations...

I've never been too big on the whole IM thing, but Jabber looks very interesting. Hopefully I have more to say about Jabber soon enough... (For Jabber news try jabbercentral.com.)

Over the weekend we saw Sliding Doors, a movie that came out in 1998 and featured Gwenyth Paltrow. A complete and total chick movie. That means next time we'll be getting The Matrix. I've told the wife it's a touching romatic comedy with a dramatic storyline. I don't think she bought it.

Megnut also has some chair problems, but not as bad as mine. One night, while working late, I was using two computers at once. So I kept wheeling between the two, which are right next to each other on the same desk. Well, somehow I rolled right, then rolled left, then tried to roll back to the right really fast and ka-whump! I fell over. So it's about 12:30 at night, everone is sleeping, and I'm just 'sitting' in my chair. Sideways. On the floor. Ugh...


Open source, huh! What is it good for? Well, I'll tell ya, everyone's on the jazz about MP3's but I'm not so sure... See, I don't exactly care for the licensing part of it. What's that? you don't pay anything? Well, as an end user/downloader you might not, but put an MP3 on your web site, and they might come after you. (Think Unisys and the GIF format.) mp3licensing.com outlines how they want you to pay to create, distribute, or broadcast MP3's. $15,000 isn't exactly affordable for a small band to get their music out to the world. I notice it does say 'music' so spoken word, interviews, etc. might be safe. Or you could always argue that you make 'noise' not music. The Open Source of MP3s talks about creating an open format that anyone can use. See the Vorbis site for info on what they're trying to do. At least I can easily create Apple's QuickTime MOV files without having to worry about getting a $15,000 bill in the mail...

"We put the..." oh, nevermind... This guy puts the "something" in "something" better than I do.

Worship me dammit! It's System Administrators Appreciation Day...

It feels really good to give MacPerl 90 megs of RAM and still have Photoshop, FileMaker Pro, BBEdit, Fetch, Better Telnet, dnetc, Netscape, MSIE, and Frontier running as well... and still have some left over... RAM is gooood...

How's my writing?


Today in the refrigerator I saw a caffeine-free Mountain Dew. Why!? Why!? Why!? What's the point? (For the drunks among you just change "caffeine-free" to "non-alcoholic" and "Mountain Dew" to "beer.")

Who needs a giant inflatable penguin chair? Hmmm, Emma's birthday is coming up next week... If you ordered it today it could still make it! ;) [Note: Child not included]

Boycott the RIAA? Geez, I've been doing that for years!

On 07.25.2000 Wes says "My Mac is getting increasingly unstable; even reboots don't help. Come on Apple, where'sthat OS X beta?" Now compare this to thet fact that my Mac crashed twice today, and is runing like molasses when the Zip is spinning. Conspiracy theory says Apple is making our Macs run poorly, whetting our appetite fo Mac OS X... It's all part of the plan...


Over at Scripting News they're talking about radio. I always make it known that I think commercial radio sucks. The sad thing is, WMSE 91.7 (in Milwaukee anyway) used to be a good station. Non-commerical radio, playing stuff on the fringe, stuff you'd hear nowhere else, punk, hardcore, reggae, techno... you name it. Well, like a year or so ago, it seemed all they played was the blues, I don't mind the blues, but that seemed to be all they played! Everytime I turned it on - the blues. I think I might have just gotten caught in a bad scheduling loop, because they do still play the weird stuff, they just play it at times I don't listen. I heard a song off of the Powerpuff Girls release I mentioned the other day. I'll have to check out the WMSE site a bit more, seems they've got the schedule, as well as their shows online.

Well, I had one of those Firecracker X-10 devices laying around and thought, "Gee, I don't have a Windows machine, I should auction it off or something." Well, I found them listed on eBay for so darn cheap that it wasn't worth the hassle. So, I did some research. Not only did people write software to make them work under Linux, someone even hacked together a Palm version! Guess I'll keep it.

Welcome to RasterWeb...

Mac OS X? Bring it on... today while downloading a 30mb file, submitting a form and reading my mail, I got dumped into MacsBug... grrr....

Well, I decided to do some validation today. My CSS stuff passed, my HTML 4.0 stuff was a little off, and my XHTML has a way to go... It feels good to attempt to conform to standards anyway. In regards to web authoring that is, not life in general...

I noticed in our company classifieds that someone is selling RIDESMAID dresses. I don't know what those are, or if they're even legal in this state, but they sure sound interesting... (Never worn!)

Someone said they recently got a "Harley Barbie" which made me wonder, is there a "Computer Nerd Barbie?" She could be slightly overweight, and wear glasses... or maybe there should be a "Microsoft Barbie" and she'd have her MCSE and wear nice business suits... of course we'd then want to see an "Open-Source Barbie" who would have a little slashdot t-shirt and some O'Reilly books for the beach house...

Today when we left home, Emma said "Why are there two red trucks?" because she saw two red pickup trucks down the street from our house. The weird thing is, there were actually four red pickup trucks, all seemingly owned by people who live on the same street. I said "Actually, there's four red trucks" to which she asked "Why?" and all I could say was "I don't know..."


More on micropayments... I like the Powazek take on it, with a voluntary donation made easily accessible via PayPal's Premier Account. I'd do that here, but I don't think PayPal allows the donation of slugs or pocket lint...

I'm tempted to download Stephen King's latest - The Plant, not because I'm a big fan, but because I want to help change the way publishing works. I checked out his site and was disappointed that the payment methods did not include anything like PayPal. I think The Plant fits right into the micropayment thing, and my thinking is, if you want to have people voluntarily pay, give them options. I guess I'll put it on the card... It's a shame I have to go to Amazon to do it though. Note: I am aware that you can send a check or money order, but for $1.00, which I would consider a micropayment, you'd be spending at least $0.33 for a stamp, and probably more for a money order. I supposed you could send all the money ($10.00 or whatever) right away to cover each chapter but I like the idea of micropayments being put to good use.

The Plant's agreement is pretty amusing, mentioning something called 'web-moshing' and item #5 which says item #4 is cancelled if he dies ;)

You know how you have to spell out the words you don't want the kids to say whenever they're around? Well, when they start spelling the words back to you, you need to come up with new alternatives. We now use 4$$ (pronounced "four dollar sign dollar sign") around our house... (the 31337 among you will know what that means...)

Ok, I did some more wacky ssi and style sheet stuff (thanks goes out to saucemaster and cyberdork) so it should work better for those of us still using Netscape 4.x (and of course it's a damn shame we still *have* to use Netscape 4.x!)


Yes, it was time for a change. I didn't do too much testing, so if things break, please let me know. Anyway, I've gotten rid of the sloppy html, recoded this page in an xhtml-style, implemented a cascading style sheet, and changed the font a bit. If you want an alternate look, try the no css version or the oldstyle/emulation css version. Bookmark whatever you prefer...

Oh yeah, for 'super old-sküle style, use the Mobile Edition!

My father-in-law lost his best friend on 06.06.2000. Today he's getting a new best friend!

On the Powerpuff Girls site there's some samples from a new release featuring song from, or inspired by, the Powerpuff Girls. Hear Devo and Shonen Knife. Did you see the Powerpuff Girls jet? Wanna hear Craig McCraken talk about the Powerpuff Girls?

Listen Up! I picked up a desktop audio recorder over the weekend (aka, a tape recorder) so I'm back on the audio track. When I find interesting, but long, articles, I just have computer read them out loud while connected to the recorder, then listen to the tapes in the car. I've also started (trying) to find good audio stuff to listen to. I've found a Weird Al interview, and some samples from an audio book by Janeane Garofalo & Ben Stiller at MP3Lit.com which is "The Source for Free MP3 Literature" or so they say. Anyone have any good sources of interesting downloadable audio content? Hmmm?

Argh. I thought I had some system mis-configuration going on last week with regards to mail on our Linux machine. Seems that mail was backed up (and we all know how painful that can be!) and my messages are sitting there waiting for me today. (Thanks Exchange Server!)

I had the Apple ][c+ running a bit over the weekend. It has Lemonade Stand on it. Lemonade Stand! Geez, if anything brings me back to the year 1980, that would probably be it. (Hey, you can download it! Not that you'll be able to play it!)


The wife just called, she just brought home an Apple ][c+! Apple II Forever! Forever? Sure! Why not!?

Ahhh, someone at work made me laugh today, they sent me this email message:

can my new computer be a g4 cube?

woo hoo, I was ROTFL, or something like that...

Oooh, that twernt is at it again! "toil away in relative obscurity!" describes this site and all of my life's work, dammit! And the Apple/NeXT/NeXT/Apple turnover, I mean "takeover" oh, forget it, nevermind... just go about yer bizness...

Seriously, this entry at geekishblog just plain rules...

I got a major update from Dug (and Dan Gatewood!) about who-is-up-to-what, that I'll need to get onto the W.A.T.N. page, hopefully by next week. Here's a funny story about Dug. I was at Dug's 16th birthday party, but I didn't know it until like 1994 or so. See, I thought I was at Doug's birthday party, and didn't know Dug was once Doug, as we hadn't offically met until a year or so later. Or something like that. If that makes sense to you, you probably know me. Or Dug. Or both of us...

I've also started to write up the pages for the sparse Computer's section, which up til now, has been fairly empty. Watch for that in a week, or so. Ok, two weeks... maybe three...

Yesterday's browser stats say - Netscape/Mozilla: 199 / MSIE: 76.


While some might say that Apple is just rehashing everything that NeXT did, (I've even said that myself) I think Apple is actually taking everything they did at NeXT and doing it right at Apple. By Apple/NeXT I of course mean Jobs and his team... Everytime I read about new Apple products, I look for the NeXT influence. I think when Mac OS X is finally released, Steve will have realized his NeXT dream... (Wonder why it's called Mac OS X? Cuz Steve put's the X in NeXT!) Really, this stuff is amazing if you know the history. There's got to be a site somewhere that runs down a list of the Apple 'innovations' inspired by NeXT... I do remember reading somewhere that "Apple didn't takeover NeXT, NeXT tookover Apple"

Here's a nice little Apple/NeXT story.

What's that? Don't like following me on The Road to Linux? You can always follow some geek girl on the great linux laptop endeavor, or just see her linux guide. If that doesn's suit you, try reading about Wendy's adventure.

Unix Review takes a look at Mac OS X.

Oh boy, Apple Legal's making more threats. I think I should post my copy of the image from the AppleInsider page, just so I can get a neat-0 cool letter from those high-powered lawyers.

Here's an illustration of what a cube computer might look like. [] Ok, maybe that's not exactly cube-like...

I meant to comment on this ALAP article about something called 'weblogs' last week, but never got to. I actually wrote something slightly similar months ago, but never actually uploaded it. So I'll just send you over to GREASY SKILLET's entry for 7/16/2000, as I feel much the same way. How's this:

"Geez, remember when there were just a few [insert anything here] now there's [dozens|hundreds|thousands|millions] and they all suck, blah, blah, blah..."

I'm really not anti-Blogger or anti-Manilla, but they aren't the right tools for me. And if anything turns me off about Blogger, it would be it's dependancy on Microsoft software. No thanks... I still have some princilples...

I think making a mobile edition of this page has made me alter the way I write things a bit, or at least think about the way I write things. Lessons in writing microcontent I guess.


So is Apple releasing some 'cube' computer? Didn't NeXT already have the NeXTCube? I guess that 'Please Recycle' campaign is working after all...

A fast, light standards compliant web browser? Sure, (if you're running Linux and Gnome) LinuxPlanet has a feature on Galeon. (Go Gecko!)

Chris from MozillaZine has a weblog at the O'Reilly Network.

Need info on running Linux on the PPC? Try penguinppc.org... Want to run the Mac OS while your Mac is running Linux? Try Mac-on-linux...

I got a bit further on my Linux stuff today, actually got Apache running. I think Linuxconf was screwing up httpd.conf, luckily I'm somewhat familiar with editing the httpd.conf file by hand. Even got some accounts setup and able to ftp files in. So now we've got a real live Linux web server running Apache. Next will be making sure all is well with perl...

Offline yesterday, we went to the Zoo, it was neat. Maybe I'll post some photos. I think this trip really illustrated the need for a digital camera...


Love that Ballmer! I can't believe those people who really think Microsoft is an innovative company of some kind. I mean, this isn't the first time they've had 'technical difficulties' at some huge industry tradeshow. If my business depended on Microsoft and their products, I'd be worried... very worried.

Unix apps on Mac OS X, ooooh, pinch me. I'm one of those people who think the unholy union of *nix and the Mac OS will be an amazingly good thing... and X on X will only make it better... [via CamWorld via Axodys]

Geek heaven... the wife went to a rummage sale yesterday, and while we usually just see old LC's or rusty old DOS machines, this time she saw something good. She says "The had an Apple, 'C' or something" and I say "WHA? An Apple IIc!?!?!?" and she says "Maybe, or a plus something." So I (starting to drool) say "An Apple ][+?" And she says, "Yeah, I think that's it." After much pestering she gets on the horn, calls a friend who happens to be a friend of the person who had the rummage sale, and if all goes well, I'll be using my new Apple ][+ very soon. (Thank you!)


Search This! - now with 98% more ranting! (Note: no nudity will be found on the Search This! page...

I like this Typical Power Consumption chart. Check out where 'Human Brain' falls. :) (more charts are here)

Dave sez:

Over and over at the hearing I heard this idea.
If musicians don't get paid they won't make music.
How do they know that?
I don't even think it's true.
It might be true of some musicians.
I know it's not true of all.

I say, "Good!" once we get to the point where only musicians do it for love and art, will the music world (not music 'industry') be a better place. Too many musicians are just doing their job. I've said this before, I'll say it again. Music is ART! And as art, when you get paid to produce it, it usually stops being art and becomes something else, something tainted and evil. Something I rarely want to hear or be involved in.

Here's how Napster can destroy the music industry. You download music, listen to it, then go to the store and steal the CD. That way the record companies lose money, the stores lose money, and the bands that don't get paid get out of music and do something else. This might rely upon people supporting the bands they really like, by paying resonable fees. That's how the independant/underground music scene usually works. Sort of a shareware type concept applied to music. (Of course I'm not advocating anyone actually steal CD's, as that sort of thing is highly illegal!)

Real time Linux on a 1.44MB floppy!? Hey, why not!

It's test Mozilla M16 day today... Seems to be much improved over M15. Not that it's a kick-booty browser yet or anything... but hey, we can hope.


Today someone said to me, "We've already made the decision to go with an NT server" Don't things like that make you cry? Feel the pain... it's like frying bacon on your brain...

I need to add in the latest story to the fish page. It involves a daring escape attempt. Well, it was more that an attempt, it was a successful escape! More later...

More linux fun today... good stuff at last.


Hey, some progress on the Linux front... back up to speed on The Road to Linux! :)

Reaching critical mass... I've forked the page, as I've almost got the new version done. It uses style sheets (getting rid of those durn <font> tags, and does it's best to reach XHTML compliance with "Everything in its place, and everything lower-case" as the saying goes... I still need to get used to typing <a href... and <br /> though...

There's lot's of articles on XHTML (and other things) by Chuck Musciano at webreview.com

I wish someone would have alerted me to this Linux page over at MacInTouch. It's probably my own fault for not visiting MacInTouch for quite a while. Looks like Mandrake is also headed to PPC. There's a bunch of good commentary and links, so check it out.

I'm not a 'Real World' fan, really! I didn't even know one of the current cast members was from Wisconsin. (Delafield to be exact.) hit-or-miss noted this Julie character has a site at www.planetjulie.com which has a reference to 7 Seconds recording of 99 Red Ballons... at least that's my reading of it...

iBooks looks kind of interesting. There's even a good number of free books that look worthwhile.

Hmmm, I should look into BOP. I've thought of doing something similar, but alas, my time all goes towards the 'clients' and not to my own projects... argh :(

The other day whilst driving home I saw a bunch of people gawking at a little girl riding her bike down the middle of the street, I swerved away from the girl and aimed my 1972 Plymouth Fury right at the crowd, I put a few people in the hospital .

"RasterWeb is like a powderkeg... and you're the match..."


I'm starting to think LinuxPPC blows... I managed to install Red Hat on an Intel machine almost effortlessly compared to the problems of installing Linux on a PowerMac 8500. I think I'll try dl'ing an offering from Yellow Dog and see what kind of damage I can inflict that way...

I gotta remember to read genehack more often...

This morning I saw a trailer abandoned on the side of the highway. My first thought was, if I still had my van I could just hitch it up and haul it away. My second thought was, what if it's full of dead bodies? (I left it there.)

"RasterWeb is like a prank that's gone too far, yet hasn't even begun..."

I patiently await the return of a quality browser from Netscape. Although the AOL part of it still concerns me quite a bit...

Sometimes I feel like it's all going to hell...

I've failed again (well, the installer failed again) at installing LinuxPPC 2000. Wes said that he's waiting for Gone Home to come out. I'm starting to see why. Anyway, I've updated my Linux page...


I just spidered this site using a perl-based robot by Neil Bowers. Seems there's about 150 pages here, about 35 of which are the archives of this main page. (One more and it'll be 3 years worth!) Also found out there's about 8 or 9 404's here to deal with. I kinda knew that but have been a bit slack about dealing with it. Oh, in other site news, I've also started the process of re-coding this page, not fully into the XHTML realm just yet, but I'm killing all of those evil <FONT> tags, and actually using a style sheet (don't worry, still no JavaScript!) I need to work on the rendering engine after... exciting stuff, huh?

Another attempt at installing LinuxPPC today... another wasted day :(

I'm not Chuck Woolery, but here's my situation. I've known FEMALE A for like 8 years, she's single and looking. I've known MALE B for about 5 years, he works for the same company I do (different location.) Now, FEMALE A wants me to somehow set her up on a date with MALE B. Keeping in mind that I'm not affiliated with the Dating Game, and I don't even know if MALE B is available or looking, what do I do? I need to tell MALE B about FEMALE A without sounding like I'm in junior high or on some wacky sitcom... Got an answer? Help me out!

I thought I should join the fun. So as usual, when I lack content, I turn to the kids... Got RealAudio? You can hear Emma sing I A Like.

No Doubt is playing at Summerfest today. If you happen to go, try to get right up in front, and continually yell "O.C. Life!" It'll be quite amusing, trust me...


Care to break eMatter's encryption? "So if you're a hacker, a wizard, a code-cracking Ninja, tell us where we can improve..." With copy like that, I'm tempted to buy some eMatter just to see if I can crack it open... (Oops! eMatter is a neat idea, but it's a Windows only thang...)

If I wasn't busier than heck, I would hit the most prominent item on my whiteboard, which says in big black and red marker: "INSTALL LINUXPPC"

CMS a nightmare? More reasons to D.I.Y.

Bill from More Like This has a nice ALAP article on URLs. Read it! I had been playing with mod_rewrite a few months back and didn't quite get it working like I wanted, so I gave up/forgot about it. Bill's example got me back on track, and now I'm 23% closer to making it work the way I want it to... (Worth mentioning again: The Apache URL Rewriting Guide)

Need to know How to Jump from a Building into a Dumpster? How to Treat a Bullet or Knife Wound? How to Land a Plane? The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook has the answers...

Today I'm wearing Mountain Dew Cologne. What's that you ask? Well, on the drive in, whilst finishing off can #1 of Mountain Dew today, I managed to spill it on myself (I have a drinking problem) ending up with the 'wake-up juice' on my shirt and neck. Mountain Dew Cologne.

I really dislike birds. I find most birds to be disgusting creatures. Yesterday on the drive home I was behind a truck and as a changed lanes, there was a bird right on the centerline of the highway. I couldn't do anything to avoid it, so I ended up driving over it, not with the wheels mind you, the car went right over it. I looked in the mirror and saw it tumbling as I drove onward. I think a semi just missed it and the gust sent it tumbling even more. I'd wager a bet it died. I found this quite disturbing. In American Beauty, it was noted that Ricky thought the dead bird was beautiful. I thought this whole situation was ugly. Sometimes I see ugliness all around me. I think that's what I wasn't quite realizing yesterday.


I feel everything I've written lately is boring and uninspiring. Hopefully you don't agree. If you do, I apologize.

Hmmm, thinking more about the above, I think I'm just disillusioned about the internet and about working lately. I'll check back in a week and see if I feel the same. I think what I need is a really long vacation. Hmmm, I think if I took a really long vacation I wouldn't want to return to work. Maybe that's why I never take a really long vacation.

I think I need to create some sort of Notification of Productivity Decrease Certificate to hand out at the office. That way every time someone does something that makes me waste my valuable time I can issue them one.

I've been told the 'system' will be deleting any of my email that's more that one year old. I guess anything of extreme importance to the continued sucess of the company that's from June 1999 or earlier gets zapped. That means I can use the old "Hmmm, sorry, I can't provide that information to you. It's been deleted by the system." line with the higher-ups for awhile...

I'll also need to notify people of my decreased productivity when we switch to Outlook. Oops! Boom! Wham!

I think you need to "developed your own methodologies and best practices" or you could just go kill yourself...

I'll try to cheer you up with a practical joke (I hate those damn impractical jokes): Find a friend's (or enemy's) vehicle. Urinate near the front of the vehicle (unless it's an old-sküle VW Beetle, then do it at the back.) Wait for friend to arrive and say "Hey, I think your vehicle is leaking something..." and point out the liquid. They will most likely touch it in an attempt to determine what the liquid is. That's it. Your friend (or enemy now) just stuck their hand in pee. Har har... have a good laugh... (Notes: This will only work with some people. Some will be offended by this, but you're real friends will think it's a hoot and probably try to pull it on you a few months later. You could also use beer, or some other foul liquid I guess. Look, I'm tired and my brain isn't operating properly today... just stop reading this crap right now. Ok? bye...)

My lunches are boring. I've mentioned the LunchLog before, but not whatdidyouhaveforlunch.weblogs.com. And if that's not enough, how about someone who draws what they eat?

Looks like the whatdidyouhaveforlunch being stole my bizness .plan

How's this for a Segue - Would you care for some wine with your lunch Mr. Palm?

Here's a big list of GPL'd software for the Palm OS. My favorite description is for Cavist: "Cavist is a wine database that lets you track the number of wine bottle you have. A must-have for drunks!"

If you're an alien, and you're reading this... oh, nevermind...

Are you ready for Style Wars? Is anybody?

Apathy moved. Congratulations, Dan...

If you use some ftp app, but just can't remember the permissions stuff, try the chmod translator

A live action Tick?

Last Friday the flu had the wife in it's grips, so I played Mr. Mom all day Saturday, until Saturday night when it hit me, and I was out all day Sunday. Monday I tried desperately to make it to work, but kept getting dizzy, and decided against trying to make the 40 minute drive. Ugh...

We saw American Beauty over the weekend. We found it quite enjoyable. We were not entirely certain why Ricky's dad killed Lester. Was this intentional, or did we miss something? I mean, we speculated, and had a list of reasons, but we weren't sure what the exact reason was, or if it was a mixture of all of the reasons... what you say?

July 4th has come and gone. In the U.S. of A. that means something to some people. To me July 4th is all about stickin' it to the man. Telling the authorities to go take a flyin' leap. Not being pushed around. Destroying government and rebuilding it for the people. Revolution. Unfortunately, most people in the U.S. of A. see it as parades, fireworks, and a day off from work...

Oh, Moms rule... they never get a break, they work non-stop, they put up with Dad's crazy antics... well, at least my kid's Mom rules...

Speaking of kids, Madeline has a nickname... it's pig-pen


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