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September 2000


Each day on the way to work I pass Highway X, or maybe it's Highway 10... I'm not sure. Hey, maybe the MacIIfx was really the MacII F-10. Makes sense right? I guess that means my MacIIvx is really a Mac Five Ten, or something like that...

I found an old combination lock the other day and tried to open in, pushing the old noodle to the extreme trying to remember numbers from so many years back. It took a good few minutes and at least a dozen tries, but I got it open. I should put it away for 5 years and try again. You'd think those numbers would be pushed off the stack by now, replaced with passwords for the 30 or more accounts I have around the net, but they were still there. Of course I've only owned about 4 or 5 combination locks in my lifetime, so the keyspace was much smaller. Next project: build a Beowolf cluster with a robotic arm interface and see how long it takes it to open the lock...

My combination to get to work: 60->P->16->67->94->26... success!


I didn't write my Digital Convergence rant, because I was writing up my cuecat experience...

Also a slight update to my Road to Linux page...


My new job is going quite well. Keeping me very busy. Almost... too busy... (just kidding) This is how I knew I should take this job, at the interview I said to my prospective employer: "I'm not a programmer, I'm a hacker" to which he replied: "Good, I don't want a programmer, I want a hacker" as they say... 'nuff said, hmmm?

Downside of the new job is the driving, over an hour from my current home to the office. We're working on changing that, if we ever sell our house...

Those wacky folks at my old job gave me a little party and some gifts, the best of them was a robotic dog named Tekno. Way cool... (I guess they couldn't afford an Aibo ;)

My friend Dan had his laptop stolen, does anyone have a checklist of what to do in such a case?

I saw a Digital Convergence infomercial today, oh believe me... I'll have more on *that* subject...

We saw Being John Malkovich last week. I enjoyed it thoroughly... Cusak does some great work...

Battlecry-of-the-day: More unix, less Windows!


I'm not dead, been seeing red, tryin' new styles, drivin' 50 miles, sittin' in a new chair, actin' like I really care, burnin' up the highway, things are goin' my way, gettin' little sleep, enough to make a sucker weep...

moving. new. postion. job. house. sell. sell. sell. old. new. again. all. over. beginning. ending... tired... so tired... STRESS...


Tomorrow is my last day at The Corporation. Then it's on to my new position... In addition to that, we're in the process of looking for a new home, and selling our existing home... crazy times indeed! You'll excuse me if I don't update as much in the short term future...

I did manage to take a photo for this thing, it's at... wait, we're not supposed to tell...

I've got an idea for a dubious script. People often (well, sometimes) write bots to stuff a ballot box, be it the vote for an all-star player, or for your favorite OS. Here's an idea, write a bot that analyzes the results of the poll, and then votes accordingly to make it a tie. It would be interesting if the next web server poll came out with 33% of the votes going towards Apache, 33% going to IIS, and 33% going to "other" or something like that. Now that takes a lot more skillz than some ballot-stuffing script...


Oops! Seems someone in 'The Corporation' loaded Windows ME on their laptop, and later connected it to the network. I think that ILOVEYOU email virus thing started spreading really fast. Oh, did I mention that The Corporation is also in the process of moving everyone over to OutLook Exchange? Luckly I have a Mac and I use telnet & VMS Mail. Hey, you know what, that's ok... as I mentioned, I'll be leaving (no, not those Waukesha kids!) The Corporation. Yes, next week I end my employment here... It's been interesting. I think my new adventure will be even more interesting. What does this all mean for you, the gentle, intelligent, suave, good-looking, witty, charming audience? I don't know yet... stay tuned for ch-ch-ch-changes...


Dissection of a cat? Getting your CueCat declawed. (Base64+XOR 4EVER!)

More fun with barcodes... deBarcode.com

Next week I'll be leaving The Corporation® to go to work for The Company™. (Just thought you should know...)

From the MacPerl list:

Q: I would like to know the time-schedule of release of MacPerl 5.6...

A: somewhere between RealSoonNow and Don'tHoldYourBreathWaiting ^_^

That's not one of John Baxter's messages, but if I can find out what other lists John is on, I think I'll join those too, his posts always amuse and inform...

Last night I got kicked in the eye, then this morning I bent over to pick up a rug and got a rug beating handle in the other eye, I guess now that my hearing is back it's on to the eyes!


Could MacOS X Be 'Holy Grail'? Yes, actually, it could. For a Mac user, who doesn't really like Windows, but also uses BSD's and *nix quite a bit, well, yes! I'm ready. I'm ready for a "Mac" that I can run Apache, perl, PHP, python, MySQL, Zope, shell scripts, and a ton of other stuff I really need... Yeah, I think I'm ready... and in time all of my apps will be ready as well.

Hmmm, I was going to write about the :cue:cat here, and happened to read Joel's pices on it. You can read his first (you probably already have, or read mine first, doesn't matter.) We talked about this at the office, and some people just didn't get it. Kind of like the way Joel doesn't get it. But then again Joel's a software guy and a smart business guy. Hackers get it. Free hardware? Thanks... Software? I'll write some... While I may find little value in going to Yaoo by using a bar code scanner, I may find great value in swiping it over one of my books or CD's and getting information about it over the web. Say a friend borrows you a book, you swipe the bar code, and with 2-clicks (since 1-click is not allowed) you can order your own copy. Or say you swipe the bar code on a CD that you own, and have software that hooks into a database that tells you the url of the bands site, the unnofficial fan sites, what else you have from that artist, and... well, provides much more information, in any form that can be pushed across the web... I can think of some powerful ideas. Sure, the business model of Digital:Convergence, may not appeal to me as a consumer, but I got a free piece of hardware. I didn't agree to any license, I can do what I want with it. Ask the flyingbuttmonkeys.


Weblogs: a history and perspective. (I had to mention this, because it links to the JJG page that lists RasterWeb under "ye olde skool" <grin>) But really, no mention of Scripting News? That just seems wrong... UserLand came out with the NewsPage suite in January of 1997, maybe even earlier. To ignore the work of Dave and UserLand seems like quite an overlook. Then again, Rebecca didn't start her weblog until 1999. Many of the early weblog type sites sprung up from people involved in the Frontier community in 1997.


Stuck in my inbox: Eamon Daly sent me a message about the mobile Blogger interface (using the AvantGo client) he's been working on. It's cool. (Well, I haven't tested it, as I'm not much of a Blogger user) But the idea is cool. I discussed it before, and if I actually had the time, and server resources, is something I'd pursue... If you use Blogger, help him test and develop it, if you *are* Blogger, think hard about the potential of it...

Geez, a busy weekend indeed. We almost bought a house. That's kinda big eh? Didn't happen. That's ok, it's not time for that yet. I used a floor stripping machine (add that to the resume!) got more medication to help my "ear that can't hear" and saw two movies. We rented The Beach and Magnolia. The Beach was actually ok, I think the commercials that came out for it when it was released didn't tell you a dang thing about the plot. I mean, who can't relate to going insane in the jungle and building a Burmese tiger pit... Magnolia was really good. Really. It was good. My wanting to see it was based off of reading about it on other people's sites. See, the internet is useful for something after all. another machine for the collection today. Tune in later this week for more big announcements. Yeah, don't believe the hype, right? You got it...

Hey, I did find out last week I might get to help fund an open source project, I say "help" because it won't be my money (I can't fund a trip to the vending machine) but a clients money. That's the best kind of money to spend, someone else's money.


Today I'm extracting mail folders from VMS Mail, what fun! I might try to extract my folder with 5000 msgs, but I'm thinking people will track the locking up of the Vax back to me. I extracted 700 some messages earlier at that took a good 5 or more minutes. Hmmm, now where did I put that bit of Perl that translates VMS mailboxes into Eudora mailboxes...

Augh, I think my Augmentin failed, as I'm completely deaf in my right ear again... I have noticed that Augmentin seems to have the same "make your pee smell funny" effect that Penicillin has. Only half the people I've talked to about this know what I'm talking about, maybe it only affects some people, but when I take Penicllin, there's a noticably strong smell when I pee. Weird...

Are you one of those people who is always asked to verify some warning email msg about a new virus from unknowing users, or always get email msgs warning you about some virus asking you to warn everyone you know? Send them to Hoaxbusters. The CIAC Security Website is always useful too...

Progect Manager for the Palm is moving along nicely...

"The company I work for must think I have a big + on my head and that my name is Phillips, cuz they're always trying to screw me..."


"In the digital economy, you're only as successful as your content is credible." Interesting, considering their home page has a "See us at" listing with dates from last month. If you want to "see them" at WebSec 2000, you'll need a time machine...

What's up Magnet? When I go to Magnet Interactive and I click on "News" it sends me to Breakthoughs, Where we learn they opened an L.A. office from their press release. Dated March 11, 1998... It also seems they haven't been mentioned in the press or won any awards since 1998, they do have an appearance scheduled for May 4, 1999. Don't miss it! (I won't even mention I'm still waiting for the MagnetInteractive gizmo!)

I need one of these! Or I suppose one of these might be neat, maybe I should let a computer figure it out.

Lately I've been feeling very otherworldly, as if I'm floating around feeling somewhat numb. Sort of like I might be in that Matrix thing you've read about. It might just be the changes going on here, or it could be the Augmentin. Oh, a bit of advice, if you're doctor wants to put you on Augmentin tell them you're feeling much better, and probably won't need it. See, it has a, well, "softening" effect. I won't get into the details. Let's just say you'll want to avoid Taco Bell while on Augmentin.

We've all heard of distributed computing, but a distributed protest? Is it too "snarky?"

Haiku-Fu at Be Dope.

Seen on slashdot: What do computers and air conditioners have in common? As soon as you open windows, they stop working!

Some major changes are on the horizon for Rasterboy Enterprises. We'll have a formal announcement soon. In the meantime, just stare at the walls and wait quietly for the bell to ring.


Ok, one new page, kinda long, it should make up for the lack of updates. sanfrancisco.

I'm still alive... barely... hey, just kidding! There's been a lot going on. If I'm lucky I'll have an update shortly. Thanks...


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