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June 2001


Crap! If only I could make it to the Pyra Moving Sale!

Maybe Exodus can change their name to Exitus.... har-har...

I fired up the old 386 I found by the side of the road, it's running Windows 3.1, it has Word 6.0 on it. Anyone want it?

gTags actually looks sort of interesting... Once I figure out how to actually install something on my Linux machine, maybe I'll give it a try... [via HTP]

No Summerfest reports from me this year, for all your Summerfest reporting needs, look to the dork.

We saw the film Pay it Forward last weekend, at the end of the film I summed it up like so: "He used to see dead people... now he is dead people" Thank you, thank you... I'm here all week...


I did some research and found out that today's modern strawberry is not even made with straw anymore! They use some sort of 'straw substitute' than probably causes cancer in lab rats. Not that I'm against cancer in lab rats, I know, not many people are pro-cancer, but if you are going to be pro-cancer, you might as well be pro-cancer in lab rats. So anyway, the strawberries are probably poison - don't eat them, or you will die!

Emma is back in school. It's a preschool, or playschool. She goes twice a week, for about 2 hours. She loves it. Our one worry is that when she goes to 'real' school this fall, she'll not like it as much as pre/play school, not that Kindergarten should be that different... Maddy is making good progress in therapy, it's still a long road though... we're getting there.

I started tweaking this page again... does it break for you? Let me know...


Our neighbor has box traps in his yard. Which was not a big deal until last night, well actually, this morning... around 4 AM when the female wakes me up and says "What is that noise?" and I eventually make a guess that it's some animal in one of the box traps completely freaking out. I first go outside and make a bunch on noise and spray the hose in the general direction of the screeching, and when that does nothing, I figure it's in the trap and it's not going anywhere. You would think it would just sit quietly and plan it's escape, or maybe gnaw at the wires or something. But, all we hear is horrible animal screeching. So we close the windows and hope the neighbor goes out to shoot it or whatever he does sometime soon. When I got up at 6 AM I didn't hear anything.

I spent half of yesterday either up a ladder or in a tree sawing branches down. I emerged scraped and bloodied.

rummage sales this weekend, got a kids school desk for $1.00 and an inflatable Sevylor canoe for $1.00. Also got a 3Com mug and other various junk we could fit in a bag for $2.00. It's all for charity...

Now that I can actually (sort of) run a GUI on Decstar, It's like a whole new world... (albeit, a slow world...)


Hot damn! (as all the kids say) I took some of the RAM my brother gave me and threw it at Decstar... it worked!

RasterWeb! – "We put the en in entities" (Or maybe we put the...nevermind...)

I still dislike ColdFusion (did you think that would change?) but I'm actually starting to learn more about it, and find solutions to some of our problems... How do you escape a pound sign? With another pound sign of course! ## And we go on...


Whew, yeah, ok, it's been a while... We're at the tail end of a large project - it's been consuming everything I've got. It's actually turning out half way decent I must say. I hate Coldfusion more now than ever before. I'm convinced that it may be impossible to create valid html with ColdFusion, which is supposed to be a web programming language. (I know, they manage to do it at evolt, oh yeah! They must know what they're doing!) Anyway, I still hate ColdFusion. I wish we had used PHP instead...


A new ramble: canoe

I'm now in my new office at work, it's much better than the old office, I now actually have walls. (Office Space anyone?) I've also got an intern, and he's an aspiring Linux geek like myself. A very cool guy indeed, I think we can learn much from each other.


Not dead yet... much going on. I built a site last week, we moved, my office moved, I have to move again, the canoe was taken from me, I caught a turtle, we went to Door County, it rained, saw goats on the roof of a building, got a new sweatshirt, and more and more...


People always wonder if I'm serious or not, sometimes I am, and here are two serious questions, answer them if you can:

Why do raccoons like diapers?

Where is my OPIV tape?

Ok, that's enough seriousness, now form something else...

Coming soon: 992852220

We finally got phone service, so I'll be able to connect to the Internet from home at a whopping 50 (or so) K - wow, technology always amazes me...

I gave the machete I found to a guy name Jared. He seemed to enjoy the gift quite a lot, and it'll probably come in handy when he goes to Mongolia, or whatever foreign country he's headed to next.

Hottub or Hot Tub?


May Updates

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