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September 1997


I came up with a new Apple slogan:

"You don't have to be crazy to use a Mac, but it helps!"

Actually, I think the new Apple commercial is really cool. I missed it on tv last night, but as soon as I launched Navigator today, I knew I'd be able to find a QuickTime movie of it... I wonder if you can find Microsoft's commercials on the web... the day after they appear...

I'm running the new RC5 client, check out distributed-mac for details...

Why is Iomega cool? - cuz I needed some info on their new 2 gig Jaz drives, and when I went to the site, it was on the main page... hot damn! most of the time I'm looking for info on a product on some big company's site - it's a search and a half!


Krunk the system!!!

Just 828 days until Jan 1, 2000 (y2k)

How do I plan to deal with any y2k problems? Well, first I'll convert all of my assets to cash, that should only take a few minutes, and fit nicely in a thimble, then I'll quit my jobs, and watch tv until the problem goes away... I'll probably use my Sony WatchMan, as it's a pretty analog tv as far as the controls and interface... what are you gonna do...

New Ramble: Don't repeat the mistakes of the past!


new stuff in x - qtvr and so on...

Today's cool word: s p h y g m o m a n o m e t e r
try a search on that sucker!


Just 1198 days until Jan 1, 2001... [huh?]

I'm an uncle again! On 09.20.97 it was Macoy's birthday. Macoy is Emma's cousin. He is one. And on Macoy's birthday another baby was born. Her name is Rebecca. She is my sister's second child. She is 0. So now two of Emma's cousins have their birthday on the same day, and one is a year older. weird...


Check out the Death Clock [Death Watch]

Has the 13 point program to destroy America been successful?
If not, how many points have we realized so far?

Don't forget, 'Space Goofs' is on tomorrow!


A few years back, everyone I knew or hung out with knew how to play an instrument (guitar, bass or drums...) to the point where it would seem odd if someone didn't know how to play something...

I'm reminded of this by the web. Seems there's a large number of people who know what the web is, and how to use it, but there's an even larger number of people who don't have the first idea... it's all just a matter of perception.

Today's cool word: c a n n i s t e r

You can bake cookies, but can you cook bakies? You can eat bakery, but can you eat cookery?


A few new projects in the works:
I'm working on a documentary about driving to work, it's called Asleep on Bay Street, and a book called Bay Street: Gateway to the North, plus a CD-ROM game tentatively titled Traffic on Bay Street Does Not Stop!


There's this excellent new show on Fox Saturday mornings, It's called 'Space Goofs'... Now if they would just bring 'The Tick' back...

[09.13.1997 view]
The view out my window on Sat, Sep 13, 1997 at 2:29:06 PM


Style! If you're talking style in footwear you're talking Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars - compared to most of the shoes made today, these things just drip with style! Check out the lines on those things!

Chuck Taylor was the first 'Shoe Evangelist'

I've been doing site reviews today. I'm considering re-writing Foghat's 'Slowride' to 'Slowload'... The issue of TTC (time-to-content) is rearing it's head...


Hey, I'm in good company with the AppleMasters.


I got to go through West Allis today, whew, I gotta admit, W.A. is still a city with a style all it's own. What that means I'm not exactly sure...


New choice for hardware: Umax
New choice for OS: BeOS

I'm not saying I'm gonna run out and get a Umax box, and the BeOS, well, actually, I'm in the process of getting the BeOS right now, but I'll run it on my Power Computer for now...


A browser that causes loss of data, and may require a re-installation of the system? Let me at it! Sure, leave it to Microsoft to creat a more bloatware browser than Netscape. I'll stick with 3.0 thanks...

Steve Jobs is the Gambler - it ain't Kenny Rogers!


Hmmm, this whole Apple licensing thing... Everybody's got an opinion. What's mine? Well, I'm not a business guy, and I'm proud of that. I plan on using the Mac OS for the forseeable future, until I can't do what I want/need to do with it. I definitely want to start using the BeOS sometime in the near future, and I definitely look forward to Apple's next generation operating system. As far as NT, I dunno, it just doesn't work the way I want to. It just doesn't inspire me. The Mac OS inspires me! So does the BeOS

I'm an ARTIST DAMMIT! I can make decisions based on emotion! There's a reason I bought a Mac way back when, and that reason still exists...

If developers stop writing software for the Mac, I'll get my hands on every C++ manual, CodeWarrior CD, and can of Jolt I can find, and I'll write all my own software!

With respect to Andrew Meggs, I've stopped running RC5. I am hoping the Infinite Monkeys create a Mac OS client though...


My gut reaction is that Apple killing Power Computing is a very bad thing. Who knows how things will shake out in the long run? I wish I did... but for now I can't really see the positive... Power Computing was cool as hell!


Argh... looks like Apple is knocking Power out of the Mac OS bizness...
Sux for us, huh?


It's Labor Day...

I've been having fun with Frontier. I set up the scheduler to run RC5 each night, and quit it each morning, and to check for mail each morning before I get up, and just for fun, to speak the time every half hour. Now as soon as I get an ADB I/O and maybe some X-10 modules, I can really go nuts!

As far as RC5, I'm doing about 500 kk/sec and have checked 290 billion keys on my PowerBase 180.


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