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November 1997


I ate too much...

WooHoo! We broke the under 8000 mark...

It's 12:26 AM and I'm still working... that's becoming a normal thing here at Rasterboy Enterprises...


I wonder if Steve Jobs will be eating Tofu Terkey tomorrow like my family will. It's made right here in good ol' Milwaukee by 'The Simple Soyman'

Pat Graham is a big-time famous photographer. I used to know him way-back-when... See some of Pat's photos here - there's some nice shots of Fugazi, and one of the Nation of Ulysses... hey there's even one of The Blue Meanies! tink-ta-tink-tink!

What if yahoo was ÿâHòó?


Today we salute the Nation of Ulysses, for all they've done... they've helped Rasterboy Enterprises through the darkest of hours on many occasions...

P-Power! All the way baby! Next year will I be 18 again? Will you?

It's 3:15 PM. It's lunch time. I hate that...

I wasn't sure if I was dreaming I was awake, or dreaming I was dreaming. Conciousness was not a tangible object. When I turn and look I can see 5 different monitors... and I'm not sure if that's a good thing right now. Do me a favor, if you see me sleeping today, send me an email that says "WAKE UP!"

Must get sleep. Must get projects out the door... the conflict is immense




RC5 - Improving encryption by breaking it!

Rasterboy Enterprises is proud to contribute to the effort, see how we're doing...

Would you like to join us?


Damn! I saw someone almost get hit by a van today. 6:09 AM I turn the corner onto Clement and I see someone attempting to cross the street, they see me, and start turning back, but don't see an oncoming van. The van swerves and stops, and just misses the person. Yeesh! And this after dealing with a cat that was killed by a car a week ago. No one else would do anything to help it... 6:09 AM is not a good time to not be paying attention. Hope they're alright.

Not to mention I'm going to a funeral today.

I did however, go to a wedding on Friday, we were late. Of course. Emma was a ham. Of course...

Do you ever feel like someone beat you up and threw you down a flight of stairs, well, I feel like that everyday. Ok, not everyday, but sometimes it seems like it. Another 5 hours of sleep, if you couldn't tell...


Audio To Go

It's 6:48 AM , I've slept about 5 1/2 hours, I'm already half way thru a Coca-Cola, and there's no end it sight...

Oh, I also had some crappy mcdonaldland flapjacks which tasted like wet cardboard... I'd like to be able to go to their site and lodge a complaint, but found no such facility, so I just typed my complaint into the 'What do you like about our web site?' area of their feedback form... ah well!


I finally loaded the latest version of the RealPlayer (just so I could listen to the 11.10.97 Apple 'Event') RealAudio is actually pretty cool, it does have some uses. Although my Mac has crashed twice so far while using it... hmmm...

Menard's doesn't seem to have site, but the Menard's guy does... (Actually, the guy scares me a little, if I go to Eau Claire I might just steer clear of him!)

Need a 'Certified DEAD Logic Board'? I think I might get one and make a clock out of it, maybe an Apple II+ like I once had, or something a little newer like a Mac II. Maybe I'll get 6 and build a 'MacCube' of sorts...

Excellent additions to Apple's 'Think Different' ads...

Whew! It's winter auto prep time again! I've got my 2x4 (to hold the accelerator down) and my ice scraper (to scrape the outside and inside of the windows) If it starts snowing heavy, I'll need the kitchen broom to clean off the car, and at some point I'll need a screwdriver to open the back door...


In the parking structure on Milwaukee Street, there's a car with a license plate that reads 'WEB EXEC', anyone know who that is? Oh, I do see a lot of Apple stickers on cars in the structure also...

I saw Cory Zimmermann's evil twin today on Nevada Street. I knew it was an evil twin because of the small 'evil twin like' moustache...

Looks like RasterWeb had another busy week last week, aren't you people bored yet?

I bought a pair of gloves yesterday. They were $1.19. Good price.

I threw away the Mac OS Pumpkin yesterday, it was moldy. (see 10.27.97)

Killed two mice.


Does anyone have any comments on the One For All 8 Remote (URC-6050), or any of the 'One For All' products? Either positive or negative?

Well, I know there's at least one positive, you can use it with the Infrared X10 Command Console to control your house...

Here's my PGP Public Key. I've gotta admit, I find PGP for Personal Privacy and incredible piece of software. I'd highly recommend it. I used it a few years back, but the latest version is much improved, the only thing missing is scriptability. Find out more at Pretty Good Privacy, Inc.

Hmmm, I'll admit I've been slacking a bit on my RC5 work, but you might at least check out the newly redesigned Distributed Mac site...

Here's a nice article about Microsoft... Sometimes I wonder if people are just blind to the stuff Microsoft does, or they just don't care.... hmmmm...


Wholly KrapTM! The weekly log file for RasterWeb weighed in at 4.7 mb. That's kinda a lot for this site. It even took Analog a while to crunch thru the whole thing... Amazing what a few well placed links (and that 'killer content') will do! Looks like we had about 4000 page hits last week, I guess I can start selling ad space and quit my day jobs...


Well, 'Rocktober' is long gone... change is in the air, and Rasterboy Enterprises has a new location, but only in the physical world. When visiting Rasterboy World Headquarters look for us in the northwest corner of the building from now on... the second floor to be precise. Future projects include: organizing the office, adding X-10 controls to the office, and mounting the RasterCam to point out the window...

And yes, I did get more response from people who loved the pumpkin. (see 10.27.97)

Oh yeah, I redesigned parts of the site...


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