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October 1997


Wow, the response to my Mac OS Pumpkin was overwhelming, and by that I mean I actually got some email regarding it. See, even though the log files show a good amount of people checking out this site each week, very few ever comment on it, or drop me any email on it... a few people did, and I thank them greatly!

Last night I viewed a television series called 'SteinField' and a fellow on the show, Mr. Kramer, was in awe of the amount of postal mail he was recieving. He then mentioned that he got a MacWarehouse catalog. I found this rather amusing, as I too, often get MacWarehouse catalogs sent to me. In fact, I get about 3 copies each time. That's not counting the ones they give to me at the office because they don't know who else to give them to... oh, and I forgot to look for Jerry's 20th Anniversary Mac.

Oh yeah, it's Halloween sucker...


[BeOS NOW!] I finally got my copy of the BeOS and loaded it onto an external drive. Yes, it is cool. That same buzz I got when first using a Mac. I never quite got it from Windows... As Mr. T would say "He's on the jazz..."

Anyway, I look forward to learning more about the BeOS, and as soon as I get 'a little more time' I plan on loading mkLinux and seeing what it can do... ah, the OS adventure never ends!



Here's my 'MacOS 8 Pumpkin' - it was going to be a Mac compatible pumpkin, but ya know, that whole licensing thing...


Well, as usual we weren't home for the trick-r-treatin' yesterday, so we left a bag out with a desperate plea from me in magic marker 'Boo! Please don't take all the candy. Everyone deserves candy' and either there were a whole lotta kids, or one kid scored the motherlode...

"Hey, I found the tunnel they recorded the Lost Cause album in!"


I make a new page for Emma- cuz she rules...

Martha Stewart is nuts. She's a "freakin' freak" - now that's not a bad thing. See, I accidentally watched some of her show today ('accidentally' means Emma had the remote control) and she had some cool Halloween ideas. Reminded me of zine/flyer making. And she plugged her web site almost as much as the CNET crew does on their tv shows...


I'm too upset about 'TurboOven' - it was my idea years ago!


Did Bill just say "Get a Mac" ? - "Gates replied that people and companies should use the best technology available"

RC5: We found it!

The #1 team represented the Mac, the #2 team represented Linux, and #3 represented OS/2 Warp!
What does that tell you!?

Rasterboy Enterprises ranked in there somewhere around #3459...

Ranchero has a good list of email address. Don't forget to hit 'reload'! ;)


Hmmmm... some guy came into the office today who looked like a young Gil Amelio. odd...

If Claris made so much money last quarter, maybe Apple should spin off the hardware division, and then pull Claris back into the Apple family (like it did to us Power Computer owners) Why not? Microsoft sells apps and an OS. And how does MacOS 8, it's sales, and development, all play into the Apple and Claris connection... I don't know...

Can't find this refreshing drink, or this refreshing drink around here... I'll have to have them imported from the coast.

Why Yahoo, when you can Yoo-Hoo?

whew, I scrapped my finger across a sharpass staple, that kinda stings!

Who wins if Staples and Office Depot merge? The consumer! That's who!


[bounce.to] You can get to RasterWeb using a new address: http://bounce.to/raster


Here's Rasterboy Enterprise's RC5 stats. Right now we have one machine working on it, soon we may have two...

I saw Dan Duchaine (from the Speed Freaks) on Saturday. He's one of the owners of Rush Mor Records, and he's a Bay View resident! So, when in Bay View, stop by Rush Mor, and check it out... hey, you might as well stop by the Hi-Fi Cafe while you're in the neighborhood, and for a bit of history, check out the lot where the Odd Rock once stood.

Well, I heard something on the news about the Volkswagen Jetta being one of the top rated cars as far as mileage.That's good to know since Rasterboy Enterprise's main transport vehicle at this time is a Jetta. Although it is an 11 year old vehicle, and we do greatly miss the van...

I've seen a few commercials trying to promote the newspaper to young people. The line says "Read a newspaper everyday" - sorry, I'd change it to "Read the web everyday" and throw in "Read your email everyday" yeah, much better!


'Rocktober' is already more than half over... gotta cut & gut those pumpkins soon...

I hear I missed the I-12 reunion, hmmm maybe I can catch the next one. Maybe Emma can drive...


Yeah it's Wiscaaaawnsin... parkas in the morning, shorts in the afternoon...

While I am known as the PackMaster, another is known as the Pac master... and YES! I remember (and watched!) the show...

Please see the appendix...   aurghbbbleargh!

Who will look after my site when I'm gone?


"Are you a good team player remember the boss is your best friend kill your head"
- Born Against

I could never figure out if it was attabucks, or adambucks, or attabox, or what!?


Apple's Think Different commercial will air during Late Night tonight... neat-0h!

We've decided, the head-of-the-household is Emma, the CFO is the female, and I'm the CTO! This came about when we decided if anyone calls and asks to speak to the person in charge, we'll put Emma on (come on telemarketers, I dare ya!)

We went to Apple Holler yesterday... got some pumpkins and apples...


Oh, poor mister Klugman! I saw him on Rosie's show, wow, he can barely talk! must be from all of those years of yelling on Quincy... he always got so worked up...

More proof that Space Goofs is the coolest: Iggy Pop does the theme song!

sigh... the new fall season's got me down already... mainly because of baseball. When's that damn world series anyway?


On the upside: I rebuilt wozzle... check it out!

On the downside: I'm running out of space! I might need to kill x or at least some of the media... unless I can find more/new server space... time to bug/beg people!

Emma is a 1 year and 2 month old insomniac... I've never seen anyone so happy to wake up in my entire life!


Well, I finally decided to give Navigator 4.0 a try again: got thrown into MacsBug in about 5 minutes, then got it running again, and it seemed to mess with Frontier's menus a bit.... hmmm, still deciding if I'll make it a permanent thing, 3.0 is pretty good, but 4.0 seems to use less ram, but is slower.... argh... what to do...

I was thinking of upgrading to Burger King's Whopper 5.0, but I think it's still incompatible with Fries 2.5, I did try the Big Mac 4.0.1, but it just didn't have the features I needed, and the Ketchup plug-in was still in beta...

There's a stink outside... when I came into headquarters today, I noticed this nasty stink... oh, and why does it always look like someone was smashing a trash bag full of old fruit against the street???


check out some Born Against info...


Ok, here's something I get sick of... sites that have *every link* to another site open a new browser window... I'm assuming the theory is 'geez, I hope they don't leave our site if we provide a link to another...' - that's what I call 'web insecurity' Sure there's times when it makes sense to open a new window, but I think too many sites do it to keep themselves on your screen. Here's my take: if you have compelling content or info that I need, I'm gonna come back. If I follow a link off of your site, and then drift along for a while, I WILL COME BACK - IF you've offered something useful. If you haven't, then you'll just piss me off with the whole 'new window for every link' thing... get it!

I guess the Rolling Stones are in town. And there's plenty of seats available for their show tonight - whew, big suprise there! The combined age of their members is somewhere between 938 and 1042. I wonder if they carry their own equipment...

While I was sick this weekend I started reading up on C. It's much like UserTalk... I don't know how far I'll get in learning C, but I suppose it's good stuff to know...

I love html...

"...stone boy, with textured pockets, hand stuck in them as excalibur was stuck in the stone..."
- Antioch Arrow


So yesterday, for no reason (which is how it usually is for me) I said that I wished Quincy would be on weekdays at 11 AM, since they don't show CHiPs anymore... and lo and behold, IT IS! It's on A&E... cooool... I'll probably blow my next two wishes on candy and comic books... hmmm, come to think of it, it would be nice if they put Knightrider and The A-Team back on Saturday afternoons...

Quincy is one cool cat - 'Be a man! Be a Klugman!'


I added a page on Spell Checking in Frontier.

Anybody ever use a Microtek Color PageWiz? I'd love to hear an opinion on it...

I think I finally fixed the 'sticky keys' on my pc keyboard, the magic agent: spit.

I had to wear pants today, ug... I think I wore shorts everyday for 4 1/2 months straight... damn!


[Think Different] Think Different. Yes! the new Apple campaign is really cool! This alone is probably the best billboard advertisement I've seen. It's kinda like Apple's version of 'Fight back for the Mac' - there's more cool stuff on this page.


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