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December 1997


whew... xmas is over. the tree is down. the cookies are almost gone. and i am now the proud owner of Slave I and a Lava Lamp.

xmas was fun and fustrating and cool and excruciating, i think you know how it goes... are there any 'webcasts' scheduled for new years eve? or should I just watch USA?

p.s. today is 'type in all lowercase letters' day...
p.p.s. the term 'lowercase' owes it origin to a very 'non-computer' thing...


I spent a good deal of time looking up some info on embedded sounds today. I hit a lot of sites, including Microsoft's and Netscape's sites.

Whewee! Microsoft sure get's an F- for usability. I first had to register, or supply a password, luckily I'd registered before and had a password, so they emailed it to me, got it *really* fast too! Then it took me multiple tries at posting multiple forms to get to any useful content, and I use the word 'useful' lightly. All I wanted was the syntax for embedding background sounds for Explorer, and it took me quite a while. Along the way I hit many dead links and 404's.

Netscape's site was better, but the search results I got we're no help in figuring out what document I should look at. I finally turned to HotBot to try a quick search for other pages with what I needed. And I found enough...

At times like this though I really appreciate things like WebMonkey and C|NET's BUILDER.COM

Like many large multinational organizations that control the world, Rasterboy Enterprises may take a short break for the holidays! We do expeect the RasterCam! to be up and running though...

Happy <!-- insert appropriate holiday here --> everyone!


I'm adding some new features to the site. I'm also contemplating how much of a redesign and rebuild I'll do for 1998. At the minimum, I'm pretty sure I'll port it to Frontier 5.0. Maybe we'll even see how XML can come into play.

You can now search this site, or see a site outline.

I've also added more to the RasterCam!

Hmmm, I think I'll actually get style sheets incorporated also, since I'm actually using a 4.0 browser on a regular basis now. My take on style sheets is this, I'll use them to enhance pages, but they'll still look fine without them, that's a pretty good rule of thumb I think...



Gee, with only about 69 million Mac users, why *bother* writing software for the Mac. It'll never last!

History can be very cool...


Take a look at Goo Software. I'd consider renaming this site RasterBlaster, but Broderbund already used it...

Wow, tafkap was in town last night... although I guess he's now officially known as 'the artist' - maybe by 1999 he'll just be 'the'


Well, I'm definitely *not* a long distance runner, but somehow I managed to injure my 'hamstring', which you might think is an odd thing for a vegetarian to do...

the answer is there the answer is there...

On this sleep chart I'm somewhere between a cow and a dolphin...


l o n g d i s t a n c e r u n n e r . . .


Does some software seem like it was written by Rube Goldberg? Where 'the most elaborate devices are used to accomplish the most mundane tasks'?

I've been doing some research on Postscript Level 3. Seems you can pass a url to a printer and it'll do the downloading and rendering, and then print the 'page' - wild, huh?

Advice for vegetarians: after years of being vegetarian, *DO NOT* attempt to eat hot dogs, brats, burgers, etc... basically *anything* made with real meat... stick to the Prime Patties, Not Dogs, Tofu Terkey and the like...




I wear slacks when I sit on the sofa.
I wear dungarees when I sit on the davenport.
I wear cut-offs when I sit on the couch.


Well, things seem to be working, so I guess it's time to unleash to the world... the RasterCam!

What kind of Thingys are on the net...?

Emma stopped in today, and while using BBEdit, she typed this:



lkkjjkkkkkkk;1 ..........
..................000000000  n0.     0
00000000000000000000000000000 y,hyt


What kind of computer does Santa Claus use?
yes, Santa runs a Mac shop...

This is the best advice I can give to anyone using Frontier - "Don't modify *anything* in the root you didn't write or add to it" I spent a large amount of time tracking down one line that I uncommented, which should have been commented, but since I though it should have been uncommented, I uncommented it. I wish there were a way to 'lock' certain objects in the root.


Remember kids... 'Measure twice. Cut once.'

Ugh... is clip2gif a pain in the dupa to script or what!?


Wow, November really flew by!

Don't despair! It's been quiet here lately, but we've been working days and coding nights, and we'll have some neat new stuff soon... I'm hyped!

In the meantime check out CF UltraTech


November Updates

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