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February 1998


Well I sure didn't need February to be such a short month! I've been working on learning Perl, and have been (attempting) to port various scripts and cgi's I have over to Perl. I figured that's a good way to learn a language! Hopefully you'll see some results soon...


Sure it's been quite here, that just to balance the noise going on elsewhere! but... we should have some exciting things happening soon... not to mention the relocation of Rasterboy Enterprises...

I'm diggin' and a groovin' on Perl, are you?


Whew, Rasterboy Enterprises has been swamped lately! What have we been up to? Well, it looks like we'll be relocating possibly as soon as April 1st. No foolin'... Shortly after that the RasterCam should be back online.

What else is new? I loaded MSIE 4.0 for the Mac. It's actually a nice piece of software. And it looks like you can write JavaScript that will work in MOSS 3 or 4, and MSIE 4! An excellent thing indeed! Personally I still prefer Navigator...

Also working on gluing Frontier to MacPerl


I started playing with GTML an HTML preprocessor, it's a cool thing... It's just one Perl script. I made it into a MacPerl droplet, and away we go! It allows you to embed common pieces of html, like a footer or header (think of it like an 'author-side include') and do timestamps, defines, and conditional statements, pretty sharp, eh? The power of Perl!

GTML won't replace Frontier for my web site building, but it's an excellent tool nonetheless...

Oh yeah, GTML is from Australia!


I'd like to welcome our visitors from Australia and Argentina!

Well, I'm finally *not* sick (more or less, persistent cough) and of course now Emma is sick... been to the hospital with her twice in the last week. A sick child is no fun for anyone involved... So I'm behind schedule quite a ways, and my schedule is pretty flexible as it is!

I got one new page called Rocks.


argh, I'm sicks, sicks, sicks! (WRT Geek Attack Zine)

This site is *not yet* built with Frontier 5.0 as I'm having a heck of a time doing the upgrade. Actually I'm just having problems with the new website framework, and actually getting it to work... hard to grok when you're sick...

Saw some thing on the tv news today where this guy was holding up a groundhog in front of a huge crowd...
  Man, leave them groundhogs alone....

The RasterCam will be down for retooling, dare I say it's on 'hiatus'? We'll update when we know of course...


January Updates

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