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March 1998


Why did the chicken cross the road?   cuz I shot him! yeah! yeah! hit me! hit me! yeah! Hey Henry, a guy came up to me and said he hadn't had a bite in weeks, so I shot him! yeah! yeah! hit me! hit me!

Rasterboy Enterprises is about 50% done with the reloacation program. We'll keep you up to date as events happen.

Tomorrow is April 1st. Watch out! (or is it April[0]?)


We're not dead! Not even sleeping! We've been bizzy, very...

Rasterboy Enterprises would really like one of these!


Happy  Birthday  Dan Gatewood!


The Guestbook is now open... feel free to test it out!
- Many thanks to Cyberdiem

Looks like I'll be joining the 'witness relocation program' soon. Don't worry, I'll post the info on my new identity as soon as I've got it all! ;)

Future Projects: I'll be setting up a new network soon, that's always exciting! It will have both of my Macs on it, and my PC, nothing unusually there, but what I'd really like to do is load Linux on the PC, and some X-windows software on the Mac so I can run the Linux apps on the Mac. I also plan on running TCP/IP on the network, and maybe I'll get the Linux AppleShare stuff going... Considering I know next to nothing about Linux, this should only take me a year or two to complete! Hmmm, can the TRS-80 also join the network!?


So Apple killed the Newton OS. Wow, that is a shame. There were so many possibilites with the Newton technology. I can't imagine Windows CE filling the gap... The only bright side to this - maybe now I can afford a used Newton or eMate!


I've been toying with Apple's Web Sharing. I like it! I've got MacPERL and Frontier cgi's running. The one thing I'd like to have is SSI, but I suppose I can come up with a Frontier solution ;) Of course if it did have SSI it would probably have realms too, then you're looking at a bloated app... that's logical...

Oh, whilst perusing Apple's site today, I noticed that they seem to be running Perl too... of course...

Maybe it should be called 'web perusing'...


Rasterboy Enterprises is proud to present it's very first Employee of the Month


February Updates

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