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August 1998


I added a picture of myself to the About page, so now you can see what I look like (or looked like) whilst sitting in front of my Mac. (the office is still 'in-prog', you can see a tv in the background...)

The iMac seems pretty popular... everyone seems to have an opinion on it. Me too! Yes, it looks cool. It looks unlike almost any other computer you've seen. That doesn't mean it's the right machine for you... It's a Mac with no ADB, but has USB? That's ok, adapters are on the way... So it's a radical shift in the way computers used to be, so was the original Mac... Would I buy one? Well, it doesn't suit *my* needs, but I'd recommend it to many first time computer buyers, and kids seem to love it, it's just their size. I'd like to see one at a reception desk, that'd be neat-o!

Now more that ever, it seems time to really get moving on the 13 Point Program to Destroy America !

I've really fallen behind on my writing, I've got these bits and pieces of a few rambles done, but nothing coherent enough to put up... sigh... I also want to dig thru the archives at some point (disk and paper) as I know there's some good stuff that never got used elsewhere...


Whoops! - watch that reboot!


Get this thing crackin' on RC5!

The Brady's Hawaii Vacation was on the other night...coooool...


Hey sucka! If yer like me, you heartily enjoy an episode of The A-Team!

Crucial Youth's favorite page...

I couldn't stop laughing at this one and this one! Here's more of the FUNNIEST crap I've seen in a long time...

Thank you for being such a stupid idiot!" - that's a cool line!


Argh... they finally start selling a really cool camera with a great feature only to modify it... now when you buy one you'll have to find the web page describing how to hack it to

Hey, I haevn't plugged wozzle 2.0 for a few days now... ;)


We're still in the process of redesigning the site, hmmm, I still like the look, but I want to play with some other ideas, add some new sections, and update some long-un-updated things I have... any comments...? This all sort of hinges on this site moving, which I really should take care of one of these days, hmmm?

Traffic Cam!

And more Traffic!

Cuttin' up the iMac!
[note: Emma's potty-seat also bears a passing resemblance to the iMac!]

I think the one thing I'd really like for xMas is a cheap digital camera... which I would carry with me at all times, capturing and documenting the happenings around me... how's that sound?

I was looking at random sites today, and it's (almost) hard to believe how many crappy looking sites there are...

Here's a good one though...
Fight for your right to standards!
Fight for your right to web standards!


Whoooweee... well, last week we had a doozy of a rain storm, which flooded parts of the state, and caused General Havoc all around... it took me about 5 hours to get home, which is about 4 hours more than usual...

If you're ever in the Wisconsin Dells and need some great vegetarian food, go to this place:

The Cheese Factory Restaurant
521 Wisconsin Dells Parkway South
Wisconsin Dells, WI. 53965
(608) 253-6065
They've got the *best* non-meat burger I've ever had!

[Emma's Car]
Emma's new car!

Home of Rasterboy Enterprises...

Murder in Hartford!


Tomorrow is Emma's 2nd birthday... it's still difficult to completely comprehend that she's been around for 2 years...

Things that really make life difficult for me:

  1. The Sun
  2. Gravity
Don't worry, this list will probably grow with time...

Lance Lance Underpants... all these years later, Cringer can still almost bring tears to my eyes...

I will prove, without a scientific doubt, that the human body requires NO SLEEP!

Today whilst driving in, I saw this guy in a little convertible, an MG or something, anyway, he's got the top down (of course) and he's shaving! That was wild... wooooo, I tell ya, I laughed and laughed!


Do you need one of these?

An except from this page.

Caldera continues to upgrade DR-DOS, which now supports TC/PIP, HTTP and STMP formats, and is Year 2000-complaint.
wow, I wish I could use TC/PIP, or STMP, and I really wish my OS was Year 2000-complaint.

The Worm!


July Updates

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