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September 1998


Emma's current favorite phrases include:

"Me too!"
"Leck leck leck go!" (Let go)
"Look at me!" (just like her daddy...)
"How ya doonin?" (How ya doing?)
I'm glad it's fall and it's no longer 80+ degrees of sweltering heat everyday... still got the shorts in full effect, of course... it's not like it's December or snowing or something...

Oh yeah... here's a cool dynamically-generated-type-page...


I liked this article...

some web server advice...

Ok, so did the President lie? well:

Politician = Liar
President = Politician

so of course...

President == Liar

it's really very simple...


A dog named Sid...

A cookie for the female...

So I read about how the net slowed to a crawl as people were trying to get the Starr report on Clinton, and I admit, when I first heard it would be available, I though, 'great, they'll put it on one or two servers, and performance will be crap' and I though, why don't they create lots of mirrors, give a main address (or a few) that would then do a redirect to some other server depending on traffic reports from all of the servers. Distributed computing isn't that difficult... geez... what'd they expect!?

I got an Elastic Reality t-shirt at a rummage sale for 50 cents...

And at this rummage sale was these two old crabby-butt ladies... one of them sees Emma carrying a ceramic bunny and said 'You know if she breaks that, you'll have to pay for both of them!' what a hag... and they were trying to sell an old rifle for $300 - ya know, maybe a GUN DEALER would be interested??? When's the last time you were at a rummage sale and picked up and old gun with the spare $300 you had in yer pocket...


tooooo much going on right now...

two news rambles watchers and garbagemen...

oh, here's my favorite, *just give it to me 'web-ready'* - uh, yeah, hey, why I don't I give it to you 'tv-ready', and 'radio-ready' and 'billboard-ready', and 't-shirt' ready... because, of course, if something works on a printed page in a catalog or magazine, then it MUST work in any other medium under any circumstances... yeah....

Here's an idea, you know how jwz had to turn over all of the email from the really-bad-attitude list he ran? Well, it would be neat if he had encrypted it all (with PGP or whatever) and lost the key and forgot the password... I wonder how quickly .they. would have decrypted it...

how's your laundry list?

uh huh... yup...

looks like I've got a dead ide drive, 1.1 gig and a whole lotta data on it... I really really hope i can bring it back to life... (i hate ide...)

i like that '70s show, and hey, it takes place in wisconsin!

again i've reaffirmed the knowledge that you can't spell paint without pain

wanna sign the guestbook?

or try this thing... os opinions


We're releasing a few new products soon...

This is an authentic personal Titanic experience! We will construct a boat just for you and we guarantee that it will sink! We recommend using Lake Michigan sometime in December for a more realistic experience...

This is a workout video involving deep leg stretches and ice cold water. Not for the faint of heart! (Or those on heart medication - consult your physician.)

An industrial strength text editor. (Available for Linux and the Mac OS)

well... I had an interesting weekend... Emma was sick, and she was sitting on the couch, and she started to throw up, and threw up on the couch, so we stood her up, and she threw up on the rug, so I picked her up, and she threw up on me...

Greetings to our visitors from Nebraska, state of corn, corn, corn, and more corn...

I'm AT WAR WITH THE GARBAGEMEN... (details to follow...)

Do you ever get the feeling that you're the only one in the room with a parser that works properly?

Do you ever feel like you never get your work done because you spend all of your time fixing other people's problems?

We may have the same job! What's our title?


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