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December 1998


Gotta love The WebTurtle!

UCB Logo - for the Mac, and other platforms...

Go to this page, and scroll down to the part about the floppy drive... no, it's not an iMac! have we come full circle?

I remember really wanting a IIc when they came out, this page also has echos of the iMac...

Ahhh, I remember the Apple Power CD!

Old machines: The Computer Museum - I really need to get pics of my older machines up here...

Linux + Gimp = Cooltext: Online Graphics Generator


I spent most of my Xmas vacation attempting to fly around the world in a hot air balloon...

Time Digital Year in Review...

The Apple Museum!

Need some Apple System Software?

I've been toying with emulators, including an Apple ][ emulator, and remembering my first programming experiences in BASIC:

10 END
what a blast! I miss the old Apple ][+ I used to use...

So when the female went to the store last week she said, "I'll try to find some boots for Emma", and I said, "Get her 'A Bug's Life' boots" - not thinking they'd actually have them, or that they even existed - so lo and behold, Emma is now the proud owner of a pair of Princess Atta boots, they even say 'Atta Girl' on the side... Why? Because Steve Jobs r00ls...


Some new stuff in code...

I had to do a rm on my mailfile, soooo, if you send me mail in the last 2 or 3 days, you may wanna resend it (sure, that's like 1 or 2 people, tops...)

Show Clipboard

Apple's ecards - I always wanted to build one of these (but I think I'd use Perl instead of WebObjects...)

h0 h0 h0...

I've noticed recently that early in the morning I tend to lack the ability to spe11, I mean spell, correctly, actually, I think it's that I lack the ability to *type* correctly... frozen fingers, I guess...

I gotta dig up my old Night After Night tape over the holidays... that thing is a classic...


Oh, yeah, almost forgot it's Wiscaaawwnnnsin... it's like 1000 below today, the wind just pulls the breath right out of ya... In our home office we've got a small space heater below the desk to keep the toes warm, here's a few other things you can do.

• Use that old hardware! Plug in and turn on those old drives! External hard drives and old unused Syquest drives are great sources of heat. If you've got an old Pentium lying around, that'll really get nice and toasty.

• Stay home, just tell the boss 'the car won't start, it's frozen solid' telecommute til the two suns of Tattoine warm the planet again.

• Hit the Taco Bell drive thru. Skip the mild sauce this time, go for the hot stuff.

• As painful as it may be, switch from Mountain Dew to hot coca every now and then...

I've been writing a lot of perl scripts to take care of mundane tasks lately, this page was updated via a script that takes care of the ftp process for me... I like perl...

Whyizzit that sometimes people I don't know call me, leave a message, and leave no way of getting in touch with them... is that annoying?

I miss Night After Night with Allan Havey, and don't even get me started with my feelings toward Nick Bakay...


Finally! a fix for the non-Apple machines and 3rd party CD drives...

Oooh... I like this Itsy thing... I had the idea for a wireless web server back when the Newton was a big deal, this thing could run Apache and Perl!

I got to watch most of The Empires Strikes Back yesterday... rules it still does, hmmm? I'm hoping to watch Jedi soon too... and I wish they'd show that Ewok Xmas special again... Will Boba Fett be in Episode I?

I also saw Babe (it was funny) and Titanic (the boat sinks) recently... I was trying to go as long as possible without seeing Titanic...

I think maybe, just maybe, DIVX, *does* suck...

Impinch Cleaton?


Norman Fell - yes he did... I still remember his appearances on the old Ben Stiller Show (2nd incarnation, on Fox) and his classic rendition of Mr. Roper... Genius!

Sherlock makes money for Apple through Amazon - slick! - do you still doubt Mr. Jobs?

(soft?) drinks... yeah, I guess I alternate a bit, mainly Coke, with some Mountain Dew thrown in, and very rarely a Jolt... almost never Pepsi, unless it's the only option, sometimes I get into root beer, the only beer I drink. Of course for non-soda drinkers there's always Yoo-Hoo, or good old chocolate milk (Quik or otherwise)


How I know I'm a 'professional web site developer': I had to do some modifications on a site another company created, no big deal right? I'm thinkin', I'll just use BBEdit, fix up some pages, and alakazam! Hmmm, here's a list of things I ran into...

  • 'Directory' is not equal to 'directory' on some operating systems (not to mention 'DIRECTORY')
  • same with 'GIF' and 'GIF'
  • Tables are nice, but a table in a table, in a table, can get a little silly
  • Comments are nice, but when you end up commenting out 1/2 the page, couldn't you just 'cut' it out...?
  • HEIGHT and WIDTH tags are something that browsers really seem to like
  • ALT tags are a nice courtesy
  • FrontPage sucks (no excuse for not knowing HTML)
  • I usually don't put another 10 directories in an 'image' directory (that's a personal preference, I guess...)

I'm pretty darn proud of the work I've done... comparatively, or not...

I've been so bizzy lately I haven't had time to find any neat-0 links, or anything...

FrontPage What?

Berst show's he's an idiot, oops... I mean ms lackey again... gee, sure wouldn't want to get 'locked in' to one of those iMacs...

I have been pounding out some neat Perl stuff, and did get to install Apache on an NT machine... but other than that... I'm drained...

A computer for kids? Emma already has a Mac, and she's under 3 years old. Sure, it's a 68030 Mac IIvx, and it's only at System 7.5 but hey, ya gotta start somewhere! IBM's Young Explorer does look neat though! (too bad it's a wintel machine - hmmm, 'Linux for kids' anyone?)


Wow, I just stumbled upon and old friend and x-coworkers site - Obscure Store - done by Jim Romenesko, a great writer, and all around cool guy!

Ok, so I watched Nerds 2.0.1 - all 3 hours of it - and it was cool. It did drag a bit in some areas, but the ARPAnet stuff alone was worth it. Now is it just me, or does Ballmer just seem like a cross between a loudmouth moron and a complete jackass? He warbles something about how the browser is just a*natural* part of the operating system, like the 'Print Manager' augh! I can't even get into the stupidity he displayed!

This whole Netscape/AOL thing... is it causing you a little bit of a headache too? First Wired/HotBot/WebMonkey gets swallowed by Lycos, Microsoft buys LinkExchange (not that they don't buy someone everyday) the world really is turning into one big homogenized company... and we're all at the mercy of the 'beast!'

I want to see A Bug's Life... in the meantime McDonalds has some cool ABL toys...

I working on an internet porthole, and an internet pothole, for now you can use my internet blackhole.


November Updates

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