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January 1999


Madeline was born...



Well, Apple does say 'Here's to the crazy ones' -> and here's another! HAL is nuts, of course, and having a spokesperson (or machine) that is nuts, or well, *goes* nuts, is that a good idea? I suppose... heck, Intel had a moron like Homer Simpson as a spokesperson...

Microsoft won't be doing a Microsoft Perl that's good to know!

I've had so much to write about lately, but so little time, I got to use an iMac recently, and have some 1st impressions...

#2 is almost here (we hope!)

Will I soon be the (very) proud owner of a BeBox???? (I hope!)

I've been working on some new sites, perhaps we'll have something to unveil soon...


So Michael Jordan retires, who cares! He got paid millions for 'playing' while countless people work hard everyday and barely get by... put things in perspective! He's retiring at 35! I'll probably be more than twice that age before I can retire...

So many 'professional athletes' are a bunch of crybabies... the only thing sadder is the fans with their sick devotion to the teams and players, it's their money that makes them millionaires, inflates their egos and so on... and all they do is 'play'! whatever...

how's my mood today?


Hmmm, as I write this MacWeek is peppered with the following Frontier generated text -> [Macro error: The file "space.gif" is busy.] Whoops! [ok, they fixed it!]

I was reading eMediaWeekly on the drive home yesterday, and Sinbad ("actor", "commedian") was quoted as saying 'The new machines and Mac OS X Server are great, absolutely great,' - is he a system administrator somewhere? Are 'actors' and 'commedians' the target market segment for Mac OS X Server? hmmm...

Don't get me wrong, I'd *love* to have a machine running OS X Server, if just for the Apache capabilities... I'll have settle for that BeBox I'm working hard at getting! ;)

Some Perl stuff I found but haven't had time to look at yet...

I got the search page updated a bit... although I Steve'd the outline for a while...


They had a little blurb about Apple and Mr. Jobs today on the news, it mentioned the iMac and it's new colors (but only showed the original...?) and it was weird seeing Steve wear a tie, I kinda like seeing the iCEO *not* wearing a tie, it's just more fitting that way... And while some companies may say they give the consumer what they want, Steve gives you what he wants you to have, which isn't a completely bad thing. I've been contemplating the futue, and thought it might be a good idea to get any new peripherals in USB flavor, and just get a USB card for my Mac, that way when I get a Mac that doesn't have serial or ADB ports, I'll be set. I still like my PowerBase though, with it's ADB, and PC keyboard and mouse port, and Mac video out as well as VGA out... choices are always nice. I won't miss the limit of two serial ports though... that's kinda sucked for a while now...

Do you think Steve went to the peripheral makers and said, "Look, I want to shove USB down their throats and kick start the USB industry, so back me up here, I need mac drivers and the popular peripherals... I'll even ship a small crappy keyboard and mouse so they'll have to buy replacements for them, unless they're kids, because they're kid-sized keyboards..." - or something like that... (I'm still kinda sleepy...)

As far as the 'no beige' thing goes, does anyone know the story of when cars got color? What was Henry Ford's saying, "You can have any color you want, as long as it's black!" (Steve tried black with NeXT, I wonder if he'll try that again with Apple) And when can we expect colorful PowerBooks, the 1400 did have that next clear plastic cover you could slide artwork into...

I don't think I'll be getting a new Mac for at least two more years, even though I really need one, as Emma has taken over mine to run her Blues Clue's CD on... that kid deserves a PowerPC!

ooooooh.... I'm this close to getting that BeBox I've always dreamed of!


Yeah, Apple's new hardware looks cool, but is it as cool looking as the old BeBox?

BeBox front and BeBox back and more!

Actually, I've been thinking about Be lately, and I think Steve Jobs may be swiping the good ideas from Be, after NeXT beat out Be in Apple's 'buy-an-OS' contest. Be uses an integrated database to keep track of all files, so that a 'Find File' searched the database instead of the file system, a little like Sherlock, no? (actually to be more correct, I believe the BeOS file system is a database) And just take a look at the BeBox, and what year did it come out? Pretty radical styling for the time, now if Apple would only use the 'Geek Port'TM! I wonder how Steve feels about JLG?

Spray paint your computer!

sicks sicks sicks - I was sick the first week of the year, and while the snow piled up, I was helpless against it... I tried to shovel, and lasted about 15 minutes before collapsing... snowblower didn't work... incapacitated... but I'm back now, and will not get sick for the rest of the millennium...

Why do I love the web? Because you can read about things like The Rocket Car, possibly the funniset thing I've read all last year! (1998 that is...)

I've quit using the MacOS, I won't use Windows or BeOS, and Linux, Unix and the BSD's are out the door - I now only use one operating system - Hong Gaak!

Some funny stuff here...

Watch out for Mr. T sucka!


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