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February 1999


augh... too looong between updates...

Madeline is doing fine (even though that doesn't rhyme!) I hope to have some new picts up soooon....

Someone has inquired about printing Trademark shirts!? (yes, it's true!)

Nervecore is gone... R.I.P. (what about bri cors?) aha! NerdTech!

Still cranking out the Perl (or is it 'kicking out the Perl'?) I've been working on a guestbook with admin functions, some content management stuff, simple databases, etc. etc. etc. all cgi work... BSD/Apache/Perl - gotta luv it... I'm havin' a good time...


There's been soooo much going on lately, there's a new kid on our block, or in our hall, it's Madeline, our new baby... ;) ;) ;)

I got to use an iMac recently (and finally!) I hope to write about that...

We've been so busy lately with many new jobs... no time for sleep!

I'm sick of hearing people call the y2k problem a 'computer glitch' or 'computer bug' - it's a plain and simple human mistake! People designed the systems, it was their call to use 2 digit versus 4 digit representations for the year... As always, computers do what you tell them to do. They're not going to miscalculate the date, they've just been given bad data. GIGO - garbage in, garbage out...

I've had almost no time for TV lately, and since my office has been temporarily moved, I have no office TV connection...

The office where I work moved, and for the first few weeks, the motion sensing lights would constantly turn off, leaving me in the dark, and without walking to the other side of a big cube-bank, I couldn't turn them on, plus, they hadn't installed lights in my cube yet, so the glow of the CRTs was all I had... I do think the Cobalt Micro is a very cool cube...

This update is dedicated to Bump, which was the motivation for this update...

I didn't even know this site was a 'weblog', but now I do...


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