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April 1999


Tooth in advertizing: An MS ad says "Windows NT Workstation...is three times more reliable than Windows 95" so that means, "Windows 95 is only a third as reliable as Windows NT Workstation." Now aren't you glad you got that Windows 95 upgrade, or aren't you glad MS made sure that you paid for Win95 when you bought a new PC? MS got money when you bought that PC, and now they're saying that they sold you the OS that's only 1/3 as reliable as one of their other OS's... ugh... can't people see though this stuff!?

I'm glad I helped persuade my sister and her family into getting a Mac... because friends don't let friends use Windows...

Isn't there some saying like 'Someday, you could grow up to be president...' that you're supposed to say to the kids? Well, a recent news report mentioned that it takes about $20 million to seriously consider making a bid for the White House... I'm thinking being a white male also helps... Is this what the founding fathers of the United States ever imagined?

Hmmm, Tommy Thompson (Wisconsin Governor) seemed bummed because he didn't have $20 million, gee, he doesn't even have the domain tommythompson.com! (tomthompson.com! for that matter!)


I noted that I don't want a super-heavy-duty server edition of Frontier. I want a semi-simple web authoring tool!

Oops, found this on the MacWorld site... -> [Macro error: The file "pixel.gif" is busy.] (a Frontier error...)

I'm hearing a Fugazi song 'Instrument' but it sounds like they're saying, 'We need an intranet, We need an intranet' I like that...

A nice Gate's quote...

Oh no, that CIH virus is...oh wait - I use a Mac! ;)

I want my lightsaber!

I finally saw A Bug's Life... it ruled......


Happy  Birthday  Mr. Zorro!

BORING... [language versions]

Kinko's - cool late-night hang out? yeah, like 10 years ago!

Planning some crimes in the Hartford area? Look out for these cars! Seriously though, is it a good idea to put photos of your undercover law enforcement vehicles on the web...?

Hartford Chamber of Commerce and more Hartford stuff... [this ain't CT!]


Can you guess? I've been more busy than usual lately...


Another one of my ideas, stolen... Although I was basically going for a metric time where there would be 10 seconds per minute, 100 minutes per hour, 10 hours per day, etc... we would then have decaseconds, deciseconds, and maybe on the 10th day of the week dodecamilliseconds... my system does not aim to promote universal time, but instead is meant to thoroughly confuse people making civilization crumble under the weight of many atomic clocks! @ARG! #!D3S7RY_3VR7HG!#

The Simpson's Oracle

Futurama is the coolest, sure some people are a bit down on it, but when you combine sci-fi, robots, and Groening... how can you go wrong!? So let's learn the alphabet!

Wow, Disney has one big, ugly site... It's even slow over the T1! I guess if you like 'Loading...' and 'Please wait...' messages, it's a cool site!

Making circles can be interesting..


Happy  Birthday  Carol!

Are you one of those people who always says, 'geez, I really gotta go back and clean up that code' and maybe thinks, 'well, it's working fine, maybe it's better not to mess with it...' - or not?

I've been busy lately, real busy, and my time put into child care is through the roof ;) but worth it, of course, although I must admit, I *really* would like to get more than 4 or 5 hours of sleep again... maybe after the millennium... hmmm, maybe 'millennium' isn't the right word!

Does anyone have comments or recommendations for me on those Epson Inkjet Printers?

Did I mention that the latest Star Wars trailer is just plain amazingly incredible? Phantom Menace really will make Titanic look like some low-budget movie about a boat... I've been trying to teach Emma how to pronounce names like 'Yoda' and 'Boba Fett'...

I've got this turmoil about the whole thing though. I'd love to go to the first showing, like I did for Star Wars, but I have a feeling people will be lined up around the block for days ahead of time ;) so waiting a week or so, til the hype dies down (that could be many months though!) seems like a good idea, except for people blabbing about it everywhere, and seeing clips, reviews, etc. everywhere... ugh, what to do... I definitely need some of the new toys though ;]

April 1st (day-of-fools) was a fun one, is the web the only medium, that does this? I'd love to see Late Night, or any other show do a complete joke/parody thing on April 1st (maybe they did, I missed it...) Macintouch became MonkInTouch... Perl Mongers became Java Mongers... There were more, but I missed them since I was so busy, more of those 2 hr mtgs...

Less than 9 months left for me to make this site why-two-kay compliant... and then y10k compliant...


March Updates

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