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June 1999


Well, I've been seeing some interesting license plates lately. Now I'm not one of those Jean-Louis Gassée types who can get a personalized plate, I've got a plain old state-issued plate. My state does a three-letter three-number scheme, so ABC-123 would be a standard plate. The other day I was actually paying attention and saw 'BSD', 'GNU' and even 'PDF' - still haven't seen 'MAC' though... me? I'm stuck with the unimaginative 'KYK'... ugh...

I need more computers...

Gotta watch The Pirates of Silicon Valley on Sunday, even though it'll probably be somewhat lame...

Here's a site for you to browse... All American Window & Door...

And another... Michigan Dekhockey...

or this one... Gracious Catering...

We joined a food co-op... we actually go through a local group, we'll see how it goes. If you don't already know, most of the food you buy in the grocery store is crap... and if you're buying meat, well, you might wanna stop doing that right now... ;/

oh, it's my birthday today... yee-haw...


Yes, I've been mia for a while now... I'm ok!

I'm so far behind on cool, new, hip, crazy sites, because I'm spending all my time *developing* sites! (that are hopefully cool, new, hip, crazy!)

I really need a UPS... I've heard Best Power makes great ones... of course if I can't afford them, I'll probably go with APC.

For some good info on UPS's check out Ask Slashdot... man I love Slashdot...

It's about 100+ degrees in my home office, time to look into liquid-cooling my CPU!

I got a new computer!

I've been getting into customizing and optimizing meta tags and search engine's more... I think it's too often overlooked...

you know yer a tech-head when you can decode query string in your head, %20+%2f etc...

My birthday is next week, I'm feeling old... I think I'll end up getting a good chair for my aging, acheing back... oh, the pain!

ok, I'm outta time!


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