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July 1999


NEW PROJECT: I plan to make the output of the Palm Desktop (old Claris Organizer) compatible with Yahoo Calendar, the reason being, that Yahoo offers one thing I can't easily have on my Palm - email notification... It doesn't look too hard...

I seem to be excelling in data loss this week... I managed to wipe out a bunch of DOC files from my Palm III... ugh... it's all stuff I still have, I just need to figure out where it all is, and recover it, and then HotSync. It doesn't seem right that deleting an app also deletes it's associated files, since more than one app can use the same files... What if deleting SimpleText deleted *every* text file from your Mac? Disaster, that's what!

Dieses ist nicht englisch, dieses ist deutsch!

You gotta respect unix, cuz at some point it'll kick yer ass! A lesson I learned again... whilst being in a big old hurry to leave the world HQ the other day, I telnetted into my account to check mail. (did I mention I was in a hurry?) Well, I read mail, (using Elm) and while exiting started hitting keys real fast (did I mention the lack of sleep?) so in some surreal moment I see 0 messages - and realize I just deleted more than 2 days of mail I never downloaded. oops... I had read the important stuff, which is good, since I have email from saucemaster, jack saturn, and Mr. Bump... so anyway, I decide to tarball up my mail directories for later... well, I dl'd the tarballs and untarballed them, and all is well - no lost mail... whew... if this was some sitcom (besides the Simpsons) the moral would be RESPECT UNIX (perhaps this is a lesson Mr. Gates *still* needs to learn ;)

Next month will be *two years* of this format: RasterWeb August 1997 (the site before that had a different format between 95/96 and 97...)

That reminds me, I need to take care of my internal links that have thusly changed... (disregard this entry)

I gotta revisit that Gulker site and see what Gulker is up to...

Weblog? hmmm, is that like a changelog. A changelog is a file describing what has changed in a piece of software since the last release) but a 'weblog' does a similar thing, but if you hear weblog before hearing changelog, you think a changelog is a sort of journal about coins... kornfuzing, no?

I've decided all the WebLog[trademark] folks need what called a 'Motivational Partner' (MP for short) this is a person who also does a WebLog[trademark], and has the job of making you feel guilty if you don't update it at *least* once a day... My MP is Bump, you will find that the two of you might be trading off, one slacks off for a while, then the other does... we'll see how it works, then release our findings (transcripts will be made available, probably through Burrells...)

Gosh, Gerald, I too, luv Micorsoft now... you've convinced me!

SpongeBob is on tomorrow! (the cartoon sponge with an InnerCaseName!)


I got's one of dem dere Palm III things... and I've been having a blast with it. Yes, I'm a nerd... I even schedule things like lunch, and when to leave work, which, sadly enough are things I never seem to be able to do in time, without an alarm of some sort reminding me... I'll hopefully be putting up some Palm related pages soon... yeah...

Some of my favorite shows lately are:

  • Ed, Edd, and Eddy
  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Space Ghost / Cartoon Planet
I think I like cartoons now just as much as when I was a kid, I also dig Johnny Bravo, and Dexter's Lab... Emma likes most of these too. (she *really* likes the Power Puff Girls though... ;) When we first saw the commercial for Sponge Bob, it looked kinda weak, but I caught the last few minutes of the first episode, and Sponge Bob has a nude scene, wild... the second episode was really cool... Oh, and of course, I can't wait for new Futurama episodes.

The iBook is cool, but I'd still want one in black...

Hey, Charter Communications, that stupid cable company owned by Paul Allen (which is my stupid cable company) finally gave us new boxes, now we're only 5 years behind Time/Warner cable in Milwaukee, instead of 10, cool!

I think I tracked down saucemaster, with the help of 'jackthemack', I hope to have a report on this soon...

[update] 'jackthemack' is the Saturn.org guy... small world indeed... it is amusing to run into people on the net that you haven't run into for years, even if you have never met them, but that's becoming a common thing nowaday, eh?

Bump needs to leverage the Bump name more! Bump, bump, bump... it goes Bump in the night, it goes Bump in the day... it goes Bump *every* which way! Wheeeeeee......

People always complain about proprietary formats, and software, but what about proprietary cables and connectors! You know how much they charge for cables and converters and connectors! If they'd use industry standard parts we could build our own. I wish we had a Fry's here, although I've heard people have the same love/hate relationship with them as most people have with Radio Shack. (I'm serious about this, no sarcasm, for once!)

Media Gossip is run by Jim, I used to work with Jim, Jim sold me my first modem, and helped me get on the Internet. I gave a talk on zines to one of Jim's writing classes. Jim is cool. I like Jim...


wahhhooooogggaaa.... I've just been way way way too bizzy to update this crazy site.

I've been researching the Palm Computing platform, as I ordered a Palm III recently... wow! I'm amazed at all the sites out there! It's like the Mac as far as enthusiasm and fanaticism! If I get my stuff together (not likely!) I'll have to do a Palm section...

I've also been doing research on ecommerce, online ordering, etc. whew, I've got a pile of notes on what works and what doesn't... or should I say, 'how I would do it, or not do it...'


Following up on my license plate posts... personalized plates...

"urls alls all atta url!" translates to: "Earl's owl is all out of oil!"


The networks are already hyping their shows for the new fall season, and ever year it's the same. I say (in a mocking tone) that I'm more excited about the new fal season that I've ever been before! It's a lie of course... Shows I do like: Futurama, and um... hmmm, lets see... oh, I actually do like South Park, and ever Strangers with Candy (with the ex-Exit 57 people...) and, Conan! Oh, I like that old indian test pattern but they never show it anymore! Things get real dismal around 2:00 AM, when I should be sleeping anyway, ok I'm rambling, I'll stop...

I plan on ordering a Palm III very soon, I've wanted a Palm since they were called 'PalmPilots' and there was only one model. Actually, I wanted a Newton long before that, heck, I still want a Newton! The fellow who runs Bump has one of those cool Apple eMates... Oh, we're still all awaiting Apple's 'P1', eh?

There I go, offtrack again! Anyway, I think the Palm III is gonna be kick-booty for me, meaning I should enjoy using it immensely...

I've been doing a lot of research lately, sometimes it's just darn painful. Especially when you come up empty handed. Especially when you need to hire someone to do some work you really need done, but no one seems to have the capabilities... argh...

More license plates... yesterday I saw 'RMS' and 'TCP'... still looking for 'MAC'... (see the June 1999 06.18.1999 entry for background...)

I think Mess as performed by Natural Cause (with Troy) is possibly the greatest song ever written in the entire history of the universe... yup, that's what I think... Anyone know where Pat Hotlen is now...?


June Updates

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