Every now and then I’m asked to give a Years ago people used to ask me to give a presentation, or I would volunteer to give one. Most of these will also be found on Speakerdeck or SlideShare as well. If you want me to present something to your group, get in touch with me.


Welcome to Arduino

Slides from my talk at Inventors & Entrepreneurs Club of Kenosha & Racine on August 15th, 2017. I gave a basic overview of the Arduino microcontroller and how it’s used.



Slides from my talk at UW Fond du Lac on May 13th, 2015. The theme for the academic year was DIY and I was invited to talk about my experiences.


The Maker Movement (and where it’s going)

The opening talk at Maker Faire Milwaukee, focusing on what the Maker Movement is, and what the future holds.

Makerspaces & Makers

I talked about Makerspaces and the people who use them at the Milwaukee ARMA meeting for August 2014.

Milwaukee Makerspace

I talked about Milwaukee Makerspace at the Milwaukee 3D Printing Meetup for April 2014.

Making Without A Choice

Slides (and a video) from my Ignite Madison talk session about making from February 2014.


Milwaukee Makerspace

At the November 2013 Wisconsin Innovation Network meeting I talked about Milwaukee Makerspace and 3D Printing.

Milwaukee Makerspace

At the August 2013 Grand Opening of The Meetupery (a co-working / makerspace) I talked about Milwaukee Makerspace.

The Importance of Blogging to the Maker/DIY Community

My WordCamp Milwaukee 2013 talk about blogging.


Art Robots: Machines That Draw

Slides from my DamCamp session on robots/machines that create art.


Web414 June 2011 – The End of an Era

My final presentation for the hosting of Web414, June 2011.

Milwaukee PHP User Group January 2011 – PHP Hacking

A presentation for the Milwaukee PHP User Group, January 2011.


Web414 November 2010 – Bits and Pieces

A presentation for Web414, November 2010.

Web414 September 2010 – The Mystery Show!

A presentation for Web414, September 2010.

Snake or Software?

A fun-filled presentation for Web414, June 2010.

Web414 June 2010 – The Future of Publishing

A presentation for Web414, June 2010.


What is a PhotoCamp?

A presentation on PhotoCampMilwaukee.


MilwaukeeDevHouse, FTW?

A presentation on MilwaukeeDevHouse, for the Web414 Meeting, February 21st, 2008.


Lightbox JS

A presentation on Lightbox JS and other Javascript-powered object-on-window libraries, for the Web414 Meeting, April 12th, 2007.



A presentation on Microformats for the Web Design Meetup, June 8th, 2006