Guess The Photo

Between December 2009 and March 2010 I would take black and white macro photos of household objects, post them on Flickr, and then ask people to guess what it was via Flickr, Facebook and Twitter. Guess The Photo became an interactive experience involving the people who followed me online.

I would typically respond to people with a “no” if they guessed incorrectly, and I’d also let people know if they were close, or I’d drop hints if needed. Occasionally people would figure it out pretty quickly, but other times the clues were the only thing that aided in guessing what it was.

In April 2010 I was invited to exhibit my photos at the Delafield Art Walk that took place in May, so I added a few more images that were not shown online, and had 8×10 prints made using metallic inks. The photos were mounted and displayed for patrons of the Art Walk. I was on hand for the entire event to give people clues and explain the objects they were looking at. It was a fun experience for the visitors, as well as for myself.

You can see the original set of photos posted on Flickr. (Also embedded below.)

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