Twitter Monkey

When I got my first Arduino in the fall of 2010, I knew I wanted to build something that would create real-world interaction based on things that happened online. (Sometimes referred to as “The Internet of Things.”) When I saw Bubblino, I thought connecting it to Twitter made sense, so that’s what I did. I ended up grabbing the Alertuino code, and somehow got it to work. (I wasn’t quite versed in Arduino serial communications yet, so it was a challenge.)

A bit of light hacking to build a small wooden stand, mount two servos, and place a monkey hand puppet on it resulted in the Twitter Monkey. I debuted the Twitter Monkey at the November 2010 Web414 Meeting, and instructed people that as they posted on Twitter and included the hash tag #web414, the Twitter Monkey would get excited and wave it’s arms up and down. We saw a lot of hash tags that night!

The Twitter Monkey was a simple idea, but really seemed to capture people’s attention. It was mentioned on Make, Gizmodo, and a number of other blogs, and the video saw over 6,500 views. A few people were interested in having their own. (I should probably write a Processing application to replace the Perl script and consider the offers.)

(At some point I’d like to clean-up/rewrite the code a bit and publish it here. I know I’ve been saying that for months, but I still mean it.)

Note: The “Twitter Monkey” is sometimes referred to as the “2XL Monkey” (especially on Twitter) since it’s frowned upon to use “Twitter” in the name of things.

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Twitter Monkey