Says Noah Grey of Greymatter fame:

As for the old school, I tend to think that we’re still there. Blogger started it all, of course…

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong…

I know, I know, I should really give up on this subject, but somehow I can’t see history being dealt such a disservice…

There’s other gems as well:

Greymatter is one of the most well-known opensource programs in the world…


I currently have a script on my site which disables right-clicking, so that my photos cannot be too easily saved to disk… And with the people that have criticised me for using this method, their argument is never that there are better ways to protect my work (and if there were, I’d be glad to hear of them)

A technical solution that doesn’t work doesn’t seem to be a good answer to the problem. Legal problems require legal solutions, not technical ones.

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