Around our household we really don’t go in much for the ‘reality’ type shows, I mean, I try to live in a fantasy world of my own creation as much as possible… Anyway, as luck (bad or otherwise) would have it, we actually watched part of Joe Millionaire last night. My familiarity with the show comes from commercials, and the discussions about it that take place on the wacky morning show on Lazer 103. Still, I predicted that ‘Joe’ would be given one million dollars about two weeks ago. This was the simplest explanation as to him being a poor millionaire chap.

And really, a million is pretty cheap. The main cast of Friends each gets one million per episode, and there’s six of them. So that’s 6 million per episode just for the stars. Fox had this Joe guy, and all the women, and probably 13 episodes, and I’m sure it cost much less than 6 million… And from what I hear it was a popular show.

This brings up two important points. Reality shows won’t go away, and, this is just the beginning…

Can I get a collective Argh! (thanks…)

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