We all remember when the back window of the van shattered, and I had to buy a new door, and replace the old door, right? (This was after fixing the gas tank of course…) So anyway, to refresh your memory, the back window shattered when I closed the side door. I’m still not sure how these two parts of the van are directly connected, but what do I know about cars… So anyway, today the female calls to tell me something funny, and I always like to hear a good joke, so she tells me that the side door of the van fell off. I didn’t laugh.

Now, you might think our van is some sort of beat up old wreck full of dents and dings that’s held together with duct tape, and the Sanford and Son theme song plays everytime we drive by, but it really is in good condition physically. I mean it looks nice, well, except for the non-matching back door… and the fact that things keep falling off of it…

double-plus arrgghhhh……

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