Well, we did not win the van as was greatly anticipated yesterday, despite all of the Positive Energy! that was sent our way.

I walked into the dealership and immediately saw we did not win. I still checked, and re-checked the numbers. Three times. Maybe four. They didn’t magically change at anytime. Damn…

We did get free movie passes, well, they’ll be mailed to us anyway. When I got home the whole family was depressed. We really believed we could win.

On the way back to the car I noticed something. There was a new van in the parking lot with the key just sitting there in the driver side door. Obviously this was a sign, keys don’t just show up in a new van for no reason. So, I got in and drove it home. Ok, I didn’t really get in and drive it home. I thought about it for a half second. Ok, a full second, but I mean, I didn’t like the color, and besides, I wasn’t 100% sure that this was an OK thing to do, I believe some dealerships frown upon your driving away with their vehicles without working out some sort of a payment plan first…

Tomorrow the kids and I will go to the Family Fun Fair, and attempt to win prizes there. That’s it!

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