Mark goes crazy again. I love it when Mark goes crazy, it usually results in some sort of useful insight. Now, to address the XHTML thing, and what’s-with-XML part of it. I author in XHTML, which is XML. At some point (in theory) the tools will come along to make use of this, you know, because it’s XML. That’s what they say, right? Well, today I use jEdit, a text editor. It’s got some tools for dealing with XML. These can be useful tools. It can tell me when I’m writing crappy XML. It doesn’t care when I write crappy HTML. It is because everyone writes crappy HTML? No, it’s because it knows how to deal with XML and what the rules of XML are. Sure HTML has some rules, it’s just that almost no one seems to follow these rules. I have more confidence in new useful tools supporting XML/XHTML than I do for useful tools supporting HTML. but maybe that’s just me…

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