Remember when I saw something strange in the plain text of an HTML email message? Sure you do… It’s happened again.

When viewing the message as HTML, it’s some crap about mortgage rates, but when viewed as plain text, you get this little bit from free papers on Julius Caeser:

Caesar knew that the Republicans believed rumours about him wanting the throne.19 He also realised the dislike of them towards him: “How can I doubt that I am heartedly disliked, when Cicero sits waiting and cannot visit me at his convenience? Yet if ever there was a good natured man, it was he… I am perfectly sure that he detests me.” 20 In order to dispel the rumours…

It’s as if people who don’t use HMTL email are being discriminated against. I mean, what if I want to fire my boss, or want some enlarged body part(s)? I’ll never even be given the opportunity. Instead I have to learn something educational about P.T. Barnum, or Julius Caeser. Sheesh!

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