The latest switcher: Pixar… (Ok, it’s more of a ‘migration’ than a ‘switch’ but you get the idea…)

See also: The Secret World of Nerds.

But wait! There’s more! See an actual slide show created by Pixar on the subject of migrating from Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X.


In My Solitude…

It’s been a bit quiet around here lately, due to being busy, and some weird networking problems we’ve had to deal with. Nonetheless, we present this random sampling of thingies:

  • There’s lots of Longhorn hype from the Microsoft camp… Will Longhorn be the next Copland?
  • I’m still using Jaguar. Except on my Wallstreet where I’m still using Mac OS X 10.1.5
  • The iPod doesn’t seem to have bookmarks. For some people, this is a major problem. I might be one of those people.
  • They canceled “The Mullets”
  • It’s true what they say, when building a commercial website using valid XHTML your biggest problems will be the ad system, and the (poorly authored and probably homegrown) CMS. I wish you luck…
  • The holiday season can be a difficult time for vegans, vegetarians, or those who consume primarily organic food.
  • The Switch is a really good beverage. They should do a tie-in with Apple. (It’s carbonated, which is bad, but sometimes ya gotta compromise!)
  • Girls of all ages really like Strawberry Shortcake. (The character, not the food.)
  • It’s “Daylight Saving Time”, not “Daylight Savings Time”
  • We painted the dining room. Again. That marks more times painted than number of years we’ve lived in the house.
  • The DVD player does a pretty good job of displaying a CD full of JPG images.
  • Madeline Island is a great place to visit. I highly recommend it.

There… I feel much better.



You know, the great thing about the interweb is that it serves as a great resource for people who share similar interests, or who bought the same product that eventually got forgotten in the back of most people’s junk drawer.

Welcome to RioWorld! The perfect place for people who happen to own one of those Rio Digital Audio players. There’s links to firmware updates, 3rd party software, and a forum full of helpful people. What could be better?

I’ve been enjoying the Rio, mainly listening in the car. I even went as far as creating a dash-mounted holder (ok, it’s 3 screws and 2 rubberbands, but you get the ideas…)


It’s Name is Rio

I got one of those Rio 500‘s from a chap on ebay, and now I am totally cool. Well, I would be if I travelled back in time a few years, before the iPod existed, when the Rio roamed the earth freely instead of getting lost in people’s junk drawers.

Anyway, I’m quite excited about this newfangled digital gadget that plays the MP3‘s the kids are always talking about. I’ve been using it in the car to listen to web-based radio shows like Your Mac Life and The Linux Show. I showed it to the female and she asked if it would work for running. I said “Yes” and she asked if it would skip and I said “No” and then I tried to determine at what point I might have to try to get another Rio 500 from ebay…

I didn’t get an instruction manual (damn you ebay!) but I’ve figured out most everything so far, even bookmarks, which from what I hear, the iPod does not have. I was saddeded to learn that when you add a memory card it doesn’t work as one contiguous chunk, so I’ve got 64 MB of space, and another separate 8 MB of space. I can see that I’ll probably be ordering another 64 MB SmartMedia card at some point. (Luckily the digital camera uses these as well, so it’s not quite as painful buying one of these.)

That concludes today’s update of digital music players. Goodnight!


Moving Right Along…

Another move… Check the archives and you’ll see mentions of many other moves. This time we moved about 25 feet to the right of our old desk. This desk is a bit smaller, and looks a little odd with 4 monitors on it. (There would be 5, but that’s getting a little out of hand.) everything is switched around as well, the PC is on the left side and the phone is on the right, I keep picking up the mouse and saying “Hello?”

This is all temporary, and I will quickly adapt to my new surroundings. Any second now my productivity will start to soar, and then… well, watch out!