We hear a lot of talk about Linux on the desktop, and how this is the year it will really happen. Heck, I’ve heard that IBM has it’s own desktop Linux distro with 15,000 internal beta users. I’ve no doubt that Linux on the desktop will continue to improve and get more popular, as will Mac OS X, and I think both will happen at the expense of Windows. That’s just my opinion of course, and what I’m here to talk about is Linux under the desktop.

What is Linux under the desktop? It’s the practice of sticking a server under your desk to get the job done. In some companies they’ve got a lot of Windows servers, and they do all these official things like email, file/print services, DNS, etc. But when some geek type needs something done that can’t be easily done by Windows, they stick an old PC under their desk, load up a Linux distro, and installs the tools needed to get the job done.

Over time, these machines become useful, or even critical, and you need to move them into the server room along side all of the Windows boxes. And then gradually, over time, the Linux boxes outnumber the Windows boxes, and guess what? They’re more reliable, and they’re cheaper to put in place, and as long as you have people who know what they are doing, they’re easier to maintain.

That’s the plan anyway…

Oh yeah, what about Linux on the desktop? It’s coming… I hear this is the year it will really happen!

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