Since we’re on a roll talking about Microsoft, I should mention this: IKEA founder ‘richer than Gates’.

The interesting things to me is that this news came out the day after I went to IKEA. I like to think I had something to do with it… I like to think that because it amuses me.

The other interesting part is that I noticed IKEA uses neoware machines running Windows NT 4. Yes, NT4! Now, I could say that IKEA’s founder would not be richer than Gates if they had upgraded all of those machines to Windows 2000, because that would be funny… or I could say that IKEA’s founder would be even more richer than Gates (more richer?) if IKEA had been using Linux all along, because that would be political…

We all know you can’t be funny and political at the same time…

Besides, we also know that Windows is cheaper that Linux anyway… We know this because Microsoft tells us so.

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