I’m running Fedora at home, and though I don’t consider myself a Linux-newbie, I often like to play the role to get a feel for the current status of Linux on the Desktop. So I run up2date because the dock-thingy at the bottom of the screen tells me to, and I click-click-click my way through a bunch of updates, and at the end it tells me that I should really reboot so that the new kernel can be used. Reboot? Isn’t this Linux? I mean, it’s bad enough I often have to reboot Mac OS X because Apple has some system update that requires one, but not Linux too? Sheesh, it’s turning into a Windows world! (Ok, I’m exaggerating a bit…)

On top of that I have an older Mac that I’ve been attempting to install Linux on, and while I did manage to install Debian, I never got a GUI environment, so I burned a Gentoo CD and promptly misplaced it. I then burned some Mandrake CD’s and attempted a number of installs, after all, Mandrake is the easiest to install Linux, right? No success yet… Perhaps I’ve got a bad CD, I don’t know, but what I do know is, sometimes getting Linux on the Desktop is 10 times harder than actually using Linux on the Desktop.

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