I know, “Mid-June Update” sounds like a title with some sort of explanation needed… Maybe not, we’ve been doing this for nearly 7 years now, so cut us some slack! Summer is our slow time around here. Slow as in fewer postings, not slow as in nothing going on. So here’s a dump of all sorts of random thingies…

Things that have broken in the past two weeks:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Car (Dodge Intrepid, piece of &%$@!)
  • Rio 500
  • CD Player
  • Crock Pot
  • Ceramic mug

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s just what I can remember right now…

I was in Door County over the weekend, I highly recommend it. My big summer project involves removing all of the paint from our house, garage, and shed so that they can be repainted. (I do not highly recommend this.) The downside is that it’ll be many hours of work, in the hot sun, uphill, both ways… The upside is I get to use a power washer. Oh, and it should make our house look very cool…

I’ll be in Maryland next week learning Python, which should be interesting.

It’s my birthday this month… One month closer to death! Hooray! (The Greeks would be proud!)

MandrakeMove didn’t move it for me. It failed to work. Mandrake hates me…

In the Good News department, the digital camera is working again, but in the upgrade to Panther the card reader no longer works, so it’s now connected to the iMac running Mac OS 9, so importing photos involves inserting the card, copying the photos across the network, and then dropping into iPhoto. (Damn you Lexar!)

Oh, this site might be moving to a new server this month, and we might even switch to WordPress, but we’ll see – no promises, ok? Cool…

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