I’ve got a problem. I want to set something up to allow a group of people (none very technical) to discuss something each month. I’m not even sure discuss is the right word there. The problem is, I could set up a community-type site using Drupal, or a blog-type site using WordPress, where each month there would be a post, and comments would allow for the discussion, or I could set up a mailing list, either on my own server or using something like Yahoo! Groups.

I suppose it’s a good thing I have so many choices, but it does make it a little difficult to figure out what might work the best. Since the users might not be very technical, an email list might work well, as I could subscribe them all, and they could just discuss things via email. I could provide a web-based interface to the archives if needed as well.

I’m leaning more towards the mailing list right now, though it’ll probably be more work to set up, I’ll most likely do the archive as well, and a syndicated feed (ok, two of them, one in RSS and one in Atom…)

Nothing’s ever easy it is? ;)

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