Mr. Genehack suggested I look at FEED ON FEEDS as a "Super-Happy-Terrific Aggregator", and while I have used it before, it’s gone through a number of updates since then. Perhaps enough for me to hack at it a bit and see if it’ll do what I want.

Phil suggests using Mark’s Universal Feed Parser, which is what I too would want to see happen, as I’ve mentioned before… Even if it’s an optional thing, where you could choose to use the Universal Feed Parser or FEED ON FEEDS mechanism, it would be cool.

As for the UI of FEED ON FEEDS, the framed version is nice, but I’d like to see it look a little cleaner, perhaps similar to Bloglines. In fact, I’d like to see some of the functionality mirror what Bloglines does, where just viewing a feed marks it as read, without having to explicitly click things. It looks like the tables in MySQL could use a few more columns. Items are marked with a timestamp that appears to denote when it was downloaded, not the actual time of the entry. RSS 2.0 has pubDate, and Atom 0.3 has issued, modified and (possibly) created, on a per-item level, can’t these be used instead?

Since FEED ON FEEDS is open-source, and released under the GPL I could certainly hack some of these changes into it. The only thing stopping me is my lack of time, and my lack of PHP skills… In other words, I’ll start hacking on it very soon…

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