Why is neat

I’m here to tell you why I think is neat…

I’m here to tell you why I think is neat.

Perception, baby! I go to and it’s simple. really simple. Too simple. Can it be this simple?

The About page has some disclaimer text:

This system is pre-pre-alpha; many features have yet to be added. Additionally, many, many bugs remain. Please be careful.

I reserve the right to take appropriate measures if you misbehave.

Is that it? It’s run by “some guy” and it’s “pre-pre-alpha” and it might go away at any second. That’s all ok though, really it is.

When I go to Furl (and even though it’s at .net and not .com) I see that it’s Copyright 2003-2004 Furl, LLC. So I start to wonder about the business model, and how they plan to move forward in the future, and if it’ll be free, or subscription based, or whatever… (See: Say farewell to Blogs and Bookmarks and get your Furl on for background info.) I know, Furl is not exactly the same as, but they share similar traits.

Ok, forget about Furl for a minute and go to Spurl. Hmmm, similar name (and another .net and not .com) and it looks really nice, and they have a privacy policy and terms of use that look ok, but they have this page about partners that mentions:

Spurl is building a group of strong partners to help us reach our goals.

Though what those goals are, I’m not quite sure.

I’ll admit, I have not dug deep into Furl or Spurl (are there others in this space I don’t know about?) but the beauty of is in it’s simplicity and it’s elegance, as well as it’s depth. On the surface it’s really not that complex. From a front end view, a good programmer could write a clone of it for personal use in a few days time. (Of course part of the value of is in the “social” aspect of it all.) As for the API, that might take a bit more time, and if you wrote your own version, you might not even bother with it. But the API is where the action is, it’s what allows you to easily backup everything you’ve put into the system at any time, and you should do this regularly in case it does disappear one day. (There are many links to backing up your data, or pulling it into your own site, do some searching…) almost begs you to do cool things with the data, and people do… Ok, here’s a few random links: