Inspired by the likes of Adam Curry, Dave Winer and others, I’ve started to experiment with the thingy known as “audio blogging” and you can now experience RasterWeb! in a whole new way…

First, you’ll want to add this feed to your enclosure capable aggregator: http://rasterweb.net/raster/feeds/rwaudio.rss

All set? Good… Then you will recieve the first transmission, aptly titled “RasterWeb! Audio 2004-08-18″ – and let me tell you, if you want aimless rambling, with poor production values, and crappy sound quality – in audio format – you’ve got it!

I used a handheld cassette recorder, and later transferred that to my Mac, and eventually converted it to an MP3. I used to do this stuff years ago, but for some reason I had all sorts of problems with this. It’s definitely something that’s not easy enough to do on a regular basis, unless I get a good process in place.

Oh, as long as we’re talking about audio experiments, Adam has been cooking up something called iPodder, which is an enclosure aware aggregator for Mac OS X. I’ve been using my own tools, which consist of some bits of Perl, and cron, and AppleScript to do much the same thing. As I mentioned there, the only thing I’m missing is the iPod. But you can help with that…

I know, I’m a bit late on this, but if anyone wants to help me get an iPod, just use this freeiPods referer link. (See this Engadget story for background on freeiPods.) You’ll need to sign up for an offer, which you can always cancel later on.

Come on, when’s the last time I asked you for something, hmmm? An iPod is something I definitely can’t fit into the budget anytime soon, but don’t worry, I’ll keep working on the whole audio thing, since I’ve still got the old Rio 500 to work with…

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