I installed X-Lite last week, though I’ve still yet to really give it a good whirl, other than simple testing…

I also (finally) got Skype working. I say finally because it seems the version I first tried to install was buggy, and forced me to try all sorts of firewall/port forwarding voodoo that was not needed. I just needed to download a newer version. Still, I’ve not actually used Skype yet to talk to anyone…

As far as VoIP, I’m still not too educated on the whole thing. SIP seems to be a standard of some sort, and X-Lite uses that, but people seem to love Skype which is some sort of proprietary thing that “just works” and works well…

Anyway, if you use either of these and want to test, or try talking to me, let me know.

My amusing sidenote to this is, I remember testing something like this out around 1995 or so, with the guy from Michigan whose name I cannot remember. He was on a university connection, and I was on dialup at 14.4. It sort of worked even!

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