When you hear about a web-based RSS aggregator from Microsoft and it says it “doesn’t work in Firefox” are you at all surprised? Would you expect anything else?

Do you think it works in any browser/platform besides IE/Windows?

And if someone feeds you that crap about how it was developed using IE, but later they will make it work in Firefox or Safari, or lynx, it’s most likely a load of crap, and if it isn’t a load of crap, then it’s just proof that Microsoft hires people to build stuff like this that just do not understand the web, because the killer web developers/designers I know certainly don’t work that way…

Honestly, everytime I see something from Microsoft that someone else has already done (and done better) I’m convinced it’s just added to the MS CheckList so they can say “Yeah, we got that” as in “Search? We got that” and “Blogs? We got that” and “Aggregator? We got that” and on and on…

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