I’ve changed the name of RasterWeb! to RastrWeb! (note that I’ve had the ! for many years already.) I mean, Flickr is just over a year old, and Yahoo! buys them for a zillion dollars, right? (note that RasterWeb! is 7.5 year old!)

Ok, now since RasterWeb! has been around more than 7 times longer than Flickr, you would think I’d ask 7 times as much for it, but since we probably don’t have quite as many users, and our API isn’t done yet, we’re willing to cut a deal.

Come one man! I’m down with the Flickr API and the Yahoo! API

Yahoo! are you listening? Buy me now before those fools at Google make me an offer… You think I wanna be the next Blogger?

(Crap! Do you think I should have went with RastrWb? Note: I would be willing to change the name again if needed.)

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