Whew, if things ain’t confusing… I just got a phone call from George, they guy behind podkeyword.com. He was quite upset about the accusations made about him and his service, which I first mentioned here.

My suggestion to him was to publish his side of the story, and he now has.

I’m still not 100% sure about a few things. I don’t get why podkeyword sends a 200 OK response and the content of the original RSS feed rather than a 302 Found which would redirect to the real location of the original feed.

Anyway, when people get all up in arms about things that happen on the Internet, they should use the Internet to hash it out if possible, so hopefully if George has a story that is totally different than Erik’s we can get all the facts, details, and what not, and try to figure things out without becoming a lynch mob too quickly…

I’m going to stay somewhat neutral for now, since I’ve had contact with Erik and George, and it seems they are both talking about lawyers, and that’s something I sure don’t want to get involved in.

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