In Calendar Woes (Part 1) we got some useful feedback, most of all from Steve Ivy who let us know that “iCal will not give you write access to calendars that you are subscribed to” – gee, thanks Apple!

So with a happy Mozilla Sunbird solution just like Jon Udell has (except I’m using Mac OS X, not Windows) what’s the deal with iCal? Well, there’s a few deals with iCal… And a few problems. Keep reading…

The main one is that iSync is now a part of my life. I use it to sync my calendar with my Nokia phone. With iCal seeing just one calendar, I could not add it to iSync. I had to create a dummy calendar just to allow iSync to use my real calendar. But wait, there’s more… It’s not enough to just set up it and leave it. I also have to actually launch iCal so it will pull down the latest version of my calendar via it’s subscription before it will be updated properly for iSync to send it to my phone. So the process of syncing my calendar is to launch iCal so it can download my subscribed calendar, and then run iSync. Two steps. I guess I should start writing AppleScript again…

It seems as thoough the same problem exists with syncing my calendar with the iPod. Launch iCal first to get the latest calendar changes, then sync. I tend to use my phone calendar rather than iPod calendar, so it’s not a big deal if the iPod is out of sync, though it would be nice for it to be in sync, right?

Don’t worry folks, I’m sure I’ll have more Calendar Woes to discuss in the future…

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