Job via Blog?

You want to hire me? If so, contact me…

From Tom Raftery’s I.T. views comes mention of a Boston Globe article about how having a blog can help you get a job. I’ll be testing that theory starting today.

You want to hire me? Great! Just contact me, we’ll start a conversation, and see where it goes from there. (I can even send you a resume if you want one.)

There are over 8 1/2 years of archives here for you to browse through, or try using your favorite search engine with my name (it’s Pete Prodoehl) and see what comes up. I’ve been involved in the early days of blogging, podcasting, and videoblogging, and have been building things on the web for over 10 years.

Oh, I’d prefer something close to where I live (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) but telecommuting is an option. Like I said, contact me and we’ll talk. Thanks!

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