Potential customers might want to know what you’re up to. Do you have a special event planned? A big sale? A special guest at your store? A booth at the local festival? Let them know!


When the event is over, do not leave it listed on the front of your site with “Join us this weekend!” in huge type. People want to get timely information from your web site. When an event is passed, make sure this is clear to visitors. In fact, if you had a blog or even a “what’s new” section of your site, you might go as far as writing about the event, what happened, who was there… include some photos. Heck, you can use Flickr if you want, they make photo sharing pretty easy.

And as for the events themselves, if you are going to list them on your site, you might want to check into using software to handle displaying them, so once they are past, they are not sitting at the top of the “Upcoming Events” list. Heck, you could easily use something like Upcoming.org for your event listings.

One more thing, please use the full date of the event like so: Saturday June 24th, 2006 rather than June 24th because in a year when someone follows a search engine to your site and there is no year listed, they won’t know if they event is coming up or if it happened in the past.

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