I’ll be honest, when I made a post titled BarCampMilwaukee? I was hoping someone would notice. Well, someone has…

See this post by Justin Kruger titled BARcamp :: Why I like cheese even more than racing. Justin is involved in Fireseed and shot me an email which is right inline with my post. So while barcampmilwaukee.com does not seem to be online quite yet, it is registered and planning for the event is in motion.

This is awesome! I hope to be able to meet up with Justin and Bob to discuss this further.They always say Milwaukee is a “Great Place on a Great Lake” and I’m hoping we can prove this to be true when it comes to the web and technology as well.

When I know more, I’ll post it here.

One Response to “BarCampMilwaukee Part II”

  1. I’m in. I think I may be able to get some space for you at MSOE if you’re interested (wifi, air con, etc). Let me know.

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