I’ve been writing this blog for almost 10 9* years now, and before that I published magazines, and music, and other things, but it’s true what they say, and actual book, is still pretty neat.

Videoblogging Book

A few years ago, I was asked to contribute to a technical book, but had to decline at the time due to prior commitments. Then last year, I wrote a whole bunch of stuff for a book about videoblogging that was supposed to be put out by that publisher that tends to show an animal on the cover. That didn’t happen, but what did happen is that the authors found another publisher, and got the book done, and some of my writing is in it.

So if you see the book Videoblogging published by Wiley (as part of their ExtremeTech series) take a look at the third page of the “About the Contributing Authors” section, and you will see my name. I still haven’t read the whole thing, but I’ve seen my writing on pages 312 and 327.

In the interest of disclosure, I will note that I do not make any money from the sale of this book. I still think you should buy it if you are interested in videoblogging though…

(* I meant to say 9, not 10, I can’t count…)

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  1. JasonNo Gravatar says:

    Nice going, Pete! Congrats…

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