Look, I’ve worked with internal combustion, and I’ve worked with wankers, and let me tell you, when Dave says it ain’t worth arguing about, he is soooo wrong!

Yeah, a car is all about getting places right? No, it’s about getting there in style! It’s about being compliant when you get there, and having a good specification, and a validator. What good is your internal combustion car when it does not validate! It’s not even a valid car! Now a wanker, we all know about wankers. (If you don’t, read up on Wankers.) Wankers are a dream to deal with, just ask one of your friends in one of those countries that adds the letter U to words that don’t need it. (Maybe those Flickr folks know, but then again, they are missing an E, did thy evr notic tht?)

Anyway, if I had to describe RSS, and couldn’t describe it as ‘feeding whales apple pies’ I supposed it would say it’s “like information, only it keeps on coming at you, and the only way to stop it is to unsubscribe…”

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