Aaron’s Money

Aaron’s writing is often fascinating. Now Aaron has money, and he’s not even sure what he will do with it…

Aaron’s writing is often fascinating. Now Aaron has money, and he’s not sure what he will do with it:

A friend told me to be sure not to let the money change me. “How could it possibly do that?” I asked. “Well, first you’d buy a fancy new car.” “I don’t know how to drive.” “…you’d buy a big house in the suburbs.” “I like living in small apartments.” “And you’d start wearing expensive clothes.” “I’ve worn a t-shirt and jeans practically every day of my life.”

This seems to demonstrate how different people see money’s use. Someone did comment on the idea that “Money doesn’t make you happy” by saying:

Money can’t buy you happiness. But it can buy you freedom. And freedom can buy you happiness.

Freedom = happiness. I agree with that. To me, having enough money to provide me my freedom would allow me to do things I want to do, without worrying if they provide sufficient income. I could make music, and films, and art and not worry about having to sell them. It would also allow me to attempt to improve things like software, the internet, technology, things that I think could help improve people’s lives. I’ve got dozens and dozens of ideas. It’s bascially all those things I try to do now with the spare 10 minutes I have each day, I could just expand that to 10 hours per day.

Right now, the chances of me selling a startup seem pretty slim. So I probably won’t have to worry about sharing Aaron’s problems any time soon…