Ok, with less than two weeks to go before BarCampMadison, I think we’re really on a roll.

As of my posting this, we’ve got 99 people signed up (I’m sure this will break 100 shortly) and 39 sessions planned.

Some of the interesting topics: Drupal – Intro, Development, Bootstrap your site; How To Burn Your Business Into The Ground – Lessons in Entrepreneurship; How to get Angel and VC funding for my new venture?; Cyberpunk Philosophy.

It’s not all heavy lifting, there are also things like: Nintendo DS Meetup, a possible LAN party, and (if all goes well) Wii Fight Midwest!

If you haven’t signed up for BarCampMadison yet, do so now!

One Response to “BarCampMadison is shaping up!”

  1. hey pete,

    i wish i could be there since it’s a mere 90 miles or so from my adopted homeland, but alas it’s not in the cards this time around. best of luck on a successful barcamp. hopefully you’ll do it again next year.


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