It’s almost time for Bike to Work Week 2007…

Bike to Work Week 2007

Now, for some reason I thought it was this week, so I’m planning to ride to work tomorrow. It’s about 8 miles, which means I should be able to do it under an hour at a comfortable pace. If for some reason something goes wrong (flat tire, get hit by a car, fall in a lake) I’ll be calling one of my co-workers who drove to come pick me up.

I’m all in favor of riding to work (Ernesto the Biker does it!) but it’s just not always practical. I mean, I left work at 2:30 AM the other night, so riding home would not have been too pleasant.

Anyway, if there is a chance you can ride to work next week, do it. You probably need the exercise.

If you’re in Wisconsin, check out the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin, and if you’re in Milwaukee, check out Bike Milwaukee.com

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